It sounds like a complicated math equation…but really it just means that the boys have officially entered the realm of sharing a bed room. As things usually go, it was smoother than my wildest dreams.

Just to recap, I was convinced that both Cooper and Chase would feel as if their own personal space was being violated by the intrusion of another person and all their stuff moving in. I didn’t tell them I thought this though. No, no, no, just Jeremy (and you guys). I told them that it was going to be the BEST EVER!

Know what? They were totally excited about it! Cooper did begrudgingly give up the bottom bed of the bunk to move up top and Chase wasn’t exactly a fan of being told he had to sleep on bottom. But we just told them when Chase gets bigger they can switch things up to their little hearts content and that seemed to satisfy them.

I’m still a bit in awe of how well this has all gone down. Saturday we disassembled the closet and took everything out, painted it, and then one hour later (it dried fast!) we were putting up the closet organizer. We got done with the closet organizer so fast that we decided to go ahead and paint the wall the new color too. It’s called Mark Twain Oak.

New brown color for the boy's room and closet organizer

Cooper’s clothes were put low so that he could reach them. This may not make sense to some but let’s just say that Chase is no where near ready to pick out his own clothes for the day. But Cooper is very ready and is doing a nice job even.

Here’s another shot with all their stuff in there. We have to move a few things around still in the closet, but once we get a few baskets up on the top shelf I think it’ll look better. Oh and we are not putting the doors back up. A tension curtain rod and curtains shall go there instead. The doors drive me bonkers. So we’ll save them for later. (And because in my head, I can hear them banging the doors closed while Cecelia is trying to take a nap in the room next door and it makes my skin cringe a little.)

Two boys, one closet. It can be done!

 All that’s left is to reconfigure toys and the furniture and to finish painting and then, THEN we can dig into Cecelia’s room! YAY!!! I have a deep and twisted love for reorganizing furniture and stuff, so this has been fun for me. In fact, I keep having to tear myself away from it. I have a list in order of priority of what should be done and my excitement is making me jump the gun on a few things.

I just remembered last night while I was tossing and turning in bed (a challenging feat at 30 weeks pregnant) that Cooper has two whole weeks off school for spring break in March! This is super great because he is a great help to me. It’s getting hard for me to bend down and he is very sweet about getting things for me. That time will be perfect for me to get a lot of things done since I won’t have to run Cooper back and forth to school each day. In fact, I bet we can get the boys room AND Cecelia’s room finished by the time spring break is over. WAHOOO!

It’s been great fun to see and hear the boys getting excited about their baby sister. They are so sweet about her arrival. Even Chase has been tender about giving up his room for her. It makes this Mommy heart soar seeing them love her before she is even here for them to see and touch. (Because, she’s clearly here in me!)

Spring is such a lovely time to have a baby. I’m so excited!


3 thoughts on “Two Went Into One to Make Room for Three…

  1. Hurrah for room-sharing! Since our kiddos were born so close together, we’d keep the new babe in our room for about 6 months and then, when the one above turned two, we’d bump him up to the big-boy room and put the little guy in the nursery. When Noah turned two he went ahead and joined his 3 big brothers so that we could have a guest/office/book/music room. I thought having all 4 boys in one room would be nuts (and sometimes it is), but like you said, it’s gone better than I ever dreamed it would. My favorite is when they talk and giggle before they fall asleep 🙂
    I’m glad that they are so excited to meet their sister!

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