I’m sitting here at the desk on a snowy Monday watching that cursor blink at me. Blink, blink, blink….I don’t know what to write about! The blog has been slim pickings lately.

I seriously had to ask myself, “what’s my blog about again?” …oh yeah, our life!

Well, the slow postings are mostly because right now our life is not very interesting. We are in “work” mode trying to get ready for Cecelia. Her imminent arrival feels both far away and a little too close for comfort. (I’m in my third trimester already!?) We have painting and closet organizers to hang, cribs to put together and stuff to organize. I know I put that bassinet ruffle somewhere, but where?

We keep having things come up to distract us and the lists of “to-do’s” keeps lengthening rather than getting shorter.Ceilings are leaking and husbands are falling through them, cars broken down, then new cars bought.  We host a Bible study at our place weekly and somehow that comes all too fast each time. “What?” We say and look at each other blankly. “It’s Thursday already?”

Life feels very task-oriented.

I loathe that.

I don’t like to live that way. Where’s the joy? Where’s the fun? Where’s the adventure? (My kids have it.)

So I find myself falling asleep next to the fireplace for the 15 minutes of quiet I’ve somehow finagled and dreaming of summer. I’m dreaming and scheming about what I want to plant in the yard for this summer. Tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, a container garden for salsa plants? I’m blissfully thinking of the sun kissing my winter-white skin and warming me all the way to the bone while the sounds of kids laughing and splashing fills the air. I don’t like to be cold. Did I mention that?

This desire to be doing something more fun has also left me spending a lot of time on Pinterest. Mmmm…Pinterest. I hope you newbies to the site are enjoying it too.

Incidentally, this dreamy state also makes me want to bake. This week, I’ll be trying my hand at these little babies. They are supposed to be “better-for-you” cupcakes because they  have a secret ingredient (white beans!) and the frosting is actually a glaze made with strained fruit. I’m intrigued….

Is anybody else feeling the drudgery of winter? I think I’m mourning the loss of our big summer vacay too…so sad.

Well, I’m off to make some tomato soup from scratch on this snowy day. I’ll post over at She Cooks if it’s a knock out. Quick, somebody tell me what you are planting for the summer!


One thought on “Task Oriented Dreams of Summer Bulbs and Swimming Pools

  1. It doesn’t sound like life’s been too boring over there. I can’t believe you’re already in the 3rd trimester! Crazy! I haven’t even thought of the summer yet. I’m still thinking of the winter stuff we need to cram in before it’s gone!

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