I have an active imagination. And lately, driving in my totally rockin’ minivan, I feel like I could make my own commercial for Honda.

Wanna hear about it?

Of course you do.

So picture this:

The screen is black, all the sudden you hear No Doubt/Gwen Stefani’s “Keep On Dancing” (go ahead and play it as you read). 

The picture comes into view and you see a club scene, a woman in a sparkly dress is dancing with her man, disco lights flashing, music glaring.

The next thing you hear is a little kid’s voice, “Mommy, could you pwease tuwn it down?”. You then see that same woman who was just in a sparkly dress wearing her work out clothes and no make up. She lowers her sunglasses and looks at the little kiddo in the back seat from the rear-view mirror. “Sorry honey, Mommy really likes that song”.

And the commercial ends with her driving in her rockin’ hot Honda minivan. Maybe she’s on the phone with her hubby, I mean using her Bluetooth, he’s the guy she was dancing with incidentally. She tells him their date night is overdue and she wants him to take her dancing this weekend.

Then the narrator says, “Here at Honda, we know your little secret. But don’t worry, we won’t tell the kids. Just keep on dancin’.” or something like that.

He he he he he he….

Does the Mop post coupled with this post make me a total loser?

Kelli, do blog-etiquette rules mean every time I mention my minivan I should in all honesty say something about your blog? He he he he he he…


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