When I was growing up, we were never involved in any sports. I think it was a combination of finding the time when both parents are so busy, finding the money when raising kids costs so much and having the motivation to do it. But for whatever reason, I never did much with sports.

Ok, I played basketball in fifth grade because my best friend made me. Pssst….my best friends  have always made me do the best things 😉

I remember really wanting to play violin too, but the school didn’t have rental instruments at that time and my parents couldn’t afford to buy me one. So sad.

Now-a-days, because you know I’m sooo old, it seems like it is a complete necessity for kids to play sports. I agree too. I think that involving kids in sports has so many benefits:

It teaches them good sportsmanship
It teaches teamwork
It teaches delegation
It teaches them how to lose with grace
It teaches them how to fail and then try, try again
It builds their muscles and agility
It provides an outlet for all.that.energy

But something that has been hard for my husband and I is figuring out the whole world of kids sports. The leagues and the fees, where the parks are and what kind of time committment each sport necessitates.

We are sticklers about our kids getting the right amount of sleep, especially during the school year. So anything that happens on a school night is not just an energy sucker for us as parents (as we race home, race to eat, race to get wherever it is we need to go and then race to get home and get cleaned up so we can race the kids to bed) it’s an energy sucker for the kids. Energy we think they need for school.

Then there’s the whole missing things like church. Oh my nellie do I have a soap box about THAT. Bottom line, we don’t want to teach our kids to put anything before God. God should come first SO THAT everything else falls into place. It isn’t a big deal to miss church Sunday morning. But it IS a big deal to communicate to your kids that something else in life gets put before your priority to Him.

Stepping down now.

Big C at T-ball late last summer...it was glorious fun!

Anyway, with CeCe on the way right as T-ball would be starting, we decided to pass on enrolling Coop in it until the fall/late summer t-ball starts. But I can’t help feeling this nagging thing that I’m putting Cooper at a disadvantage by not enrolling him in some sort of extracurricular activity. Even though I’m not super eager to run around like MORE of a chicken with my headcutoff.

I want to have a balanced approach to the world of sports with our kids. I want them to do it IF they want to, and I want them to get everything they can out of it. But does that mean I have to start when they’re 2? Is waiting until their 8 or even 10 so bad?

Big C's team lining up to say "good game" to the opposing team was one of my favorite parts!

There is sooo much out there for Cooper to do. But what I really desire is for him to revel in being a kid. I want him to soak up every inch of it. I want him to roll around in it like a pig in the mud. I don’t want him to have to think about anything else until he needs to. I want him to rest and I want him to play. So far, he seems to be achieving that!

If Cooper ever told us he really wanted to do a certain sport, we’d be all over it. But for now, as a 6-year-old kid, I figure there is plenty of time for all that. The balance is leaning towards the Less is More side right now. I am sure that this next year will change that as he hits 7 in full swing.

P.S. This is my disclaimer statement: if you have a bunch of kids and they are all in sports, don’t let this hurt your feelings. I’m talking about what works/is right for our family and our personalities. I may not have it all right, (in fact, I probably don’t) but for now it works!


One thought on “Ba-Lance

  1. I SO hear you on this. We just signed J up for baseball but it was hard to get the information about what exactly we would be committing to if we signed up. Baseball and Football are taken VERY seriously here in the south. He’ll have prac 4 days a week instead of once a week at Ft. Bliss. But I think that’ll be good. He’ll learn and improve a lot more than he did in El Paso. But it will be tiring to take him to all the practices with tooty, fruity and cutie in tow. If it’s a hassle, we won’t sign him up next year. We have not done any extra curricular things so far except baseball. But I do feel that pressure you’re talking about. Matt and I both played a LOT of sports growing up. (And I dont’ know how my parents did it!) But I didn’t really start any of them until 6th grade!

    I’ve given this issue a lot of thought as we considered whether or not to do baseball, and I think I’ve decided that rather than signing the kids up for a lot of sports where the season is ongoing or several months long, I will look for camps or clinics. For example, there is a 3 week long tennis clinic (6 sessions) close by that just teaches basics and exposes kids to the sport. And I think one week long swimming lessons would be good this summer.

    I will look for low key activities that are short in duration for now and just try to have as much time as possible to just be together as a family not rushing around. Sounds like you guys are on the right track with the less is more plan!

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