I hope you aren’t too sick of all my potty talk lately. This has been such an insane week, but I have to document it.  I was so intimidated to potty train Chase that the success of it all feels A-mazing!

Our big kid Chase, enjoying some honey comb and his favorite shirt.

It all started Monday morning. Cooper had the day off school and we were relaxing at home, enjoying our day. I didn’t have to work and we all had absolutely no where to be. It was glorious! Both the kids slept in quite late…9 am, probably due to our insane weekend. It was weird waking up and knowing they were both still asleep.

Side note: Sunday night, Cooper was up from 1 am-4 am in a disastrous night of bad thoughts, night mares/bad dreams. I don’t think they were night terrors…the symptoms weren’t like that.  But it was not fun and we were all exhausted the next morning.

We finally got moving for the day and Chase decided he wanted to take a bath. This is a normal thing to take morning baths in our house. It occupies the kids for 30 minutes or so and lets me clean the kitchen, make beds, etc. I ran the bath for him and I was doing some things in my room when I heard him calling me. He was telling me he had to go POTTY! What? Yeah, he told me he had to go “pee-pee SUPER bad”. I pulled him out of the tub thinking, “yeah right” and placed him on the potty….and…he WENT!

Whoa. How could I ignore that? We have been telling him that soon his diapers would go away and he would wear big-kid under pants like brother. We’ve let him play in his under pants. We’ve let him put them in his dresser drawer. We’ve practiced on the potty for months with little to no success. But this, this was undeniable. He was ready.

DANG IT! I usually start this process on a Friday or Saturday…that way both parents are home to tag team and we can just stay home bound before the week gets started. This threw a wrench in my P.T. (potty training) strategy!

I knew I couldn’t go back though. I had to seize the opportunity no matter how much it interfered with MY schedule for the week. So we began PT Bootcamp, Nevil style.

The underpants went on, the diapers went up in the closet (on the top shelf), we pulled out the potty chart and the stickers, we showed him all the candy and we began.

Day 1…he actually did pretty good. He had a lot of accidents in the morning and afternoon, but by the evening he was catching it before he had to go and making it to the potty dry. He had already done #2 in his diaper prior to his bath that day, so it would have to wait for day 2. UGH.

Day 2…not too bad. I quickly learned that he had #1 down pat. He was making it to the potty of his own volition and was staying dry in between. My faux pas came when I let him go downstairs to the basement to play in the playroom while I did some things all over the house. He did his #2 business in the playroom while I changed over the laundry. So I missed that chance. Then he did it again upstairs hiding out in a bedroom (I was unloading the dishwasher) and then a whopping third time in another room when he was playing. Not good. We had a long talk and he was just scared.

Day 3…I kept telling myself that day 2 and 3 are the worst, but it didn’t exactly comfort me. And truely, it was mostly rough because I had a doctor appointment that day. My BF watched Chase and had GREAT success with him making it to the potty while I was gone. (That is once he told her he did NOT like her pink toilet and wanted to go to the bathroom in a white potty…) But when I got back and we were chatting, he went and hid downstairs and did his #2 business in his pants. Nellie. The rest of the day was perfect. No other accidents. I reminded myself that this was still progress.

Day 4…Ok, this HAD to be it. I needed success. I was so exhausted and anxious about trying to get him to do #2 in the potty. I know this is the key. That all you really need is one time and then everything else is just practice. But I had MOPS…and he usually does his business in the morning. This little man can totally hold his bowels and his bladder though. It’s quite impressive. He had one accident while at MOPS but I blame myself for that and don’t think it counts. It was #1. No biggie. We washed that one off and regrouped. The day before I had called my friend with almost 6 children (the sixth is about to join them in a few weeks) and asked for help on my strategy. She gave me a great idea!

Take him to Target, let him pick out a few toys (or one big toy with lots of accessories in it like a tool belt etc.) and then bring them home. Place them in his view and tell him he cannot open the toy/play with it/etc. until he puts his poops in the potty. Then display it. Let him see it all the time and remind him every time he admires it how he can achieve it.

This TOTALLY worked! I took him to Target, let him pick out 4 hot wheels cars (his choice) and we displayed them and let him know he could have them…as soon as his poops went in the potty. We discussed where they do NOT go often. And we told him we knew he could do it because he is a big boy!

That day, at nap time, I was sitting on the couch praying he would get it, no joke. It may seem dumb to pray about PT, but I did it. 5 minutes later he walked out proudly and told me he had just done #2 in the potty all.by.him.self. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HURRAY! EUREKA! SUCCESS!

The rest of the day was a gleaming success and day 5 has been the same. He’s doing more and more by himself, no help in the least. And I am so relieved!

I’m so glad that I took the opportunity he presented me with on Monday, even though it wasn’t what I had planned for the week. And now? I have 3 months of blissful diaper-freeness. It’s my blog. I can make up words like freeness.



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