Happy New Year! I love blogging. My favorite part is looking back at years past and seeing where we were, where my heart was in the midst of that situation or circumstance and even seeing how I/we made it through whatever THAT was. I checked on my New Year’s post for 2011 and laughed.  Wow, so much has happened since then. We moved 3 times (technically speaking), we bought a house, we bought another car, we are in the process of adding another member to our family and that’s just the surface stuff! (We also found a hole in the roof…good times.)

I have to confess, I did not look at the journal entry every month of 2011 that was mentioned in my post, however I did hold it in my heart.  2011 challenged us, it pushed our comfort zones, it forced us to look at some hard things and yet it was the kind of push that gets results. I can’t say things are where I’d like them to be right now, but I can say that God is very good. I can say that I see Him in it.

Last year, I felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to “believe God”. Not to believe IN Him, but to trust that what He says is true. To trust that He will see me and my family through to completion in Him and to trust that He alone is good and makes all things new (even when the Enemy wants nothing but to steal, kill and destroy). I think so many times in life we question God because of our circumstances rather than asking Him, “What do You have for us here?”. I was challenged to pray to see the good in things rather than constantly expecting one more bad thing to happen.

That faith and that challenge carried me through hard times. It carried me through all sorts of temptations to worry, to take control and to try to make my own way work. I don’t think one year is enough work on that issue though. Do we ever really “get” that? I still see lots of times where that temptation and those desires get the best of me.

So I don’t know about 2012! I’m still processing 2011 and as far as I’m concerned, that’s ok. There is a lot there to process.  What I can say about 2012 is that I’m ready for more of the same. I’m eager and ready to see God’s face in our lives. I’m still searching for our mission and vision in St. Louis. I do not think He has shown it to us yet.

This January I have a quiet retreat day planned with some fellow sojourners. I’m excited to have a day to just meditate, think and pray and sing and ask God to direct my path this year. I’m sure I’ll cry and I’m certain I’ll leave with even more questions. But there is something about creating some space to pray for all that is ahead that brings great peace and strength to tackle all that is ahead.

I hope that you too spend some time reflecting. I hope you’ll give yourself some space to ask, seek and knock. Here’s to 2012 and all that God is waiting to show us! Happy New Year!!


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