Here in the Nevil household, there are certain things I find I kick myself for doing over, and over, and over again. I repeat phrases and vow that next year I will remember “this”. Next year comes and while it’s possible I’ve made a few strides towards improvement in those challenging areas, it’s more likely that the exact same thing is happening that new year. And I’m back to kicking myself again.

Santa Cooper helping decorate the tree for our first Christmas in the new house

Now, I’m not one to cry over spilled milk. I cannot stand it when people whine and whine and whine about something and do absolutely nothing to change it…yet continue to whine about it.

Chase helping to decorate the tree

And here I am, whining about something I think I have said every Christmas for the last 9 years of my life.

“Next year, I will NOT wait until December to buy Christmas presents! I will shop all year long, hitting the sales, and when Christmas comes around, VOILA! I have an exciting store of stuff to wrap and get giddy about all over again.”


Me and Baby Cecelia decorating the tree

Last year, I actually made a list of what-sales-happen-when so that I could remember what to buy for whom as the year marched on. Progress? Um no, because if I did actually buy it for them, most likely I ended up giving it to them for their birthday.

Brotherly love

The only grace I give myself is that we took a ginormous financial hit this year. There were times when I was freakin’ out about how we’d buy groceries AND pay our bills. So, I mean, there’s that whole thing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But God has richly blessed us. We’re moving into a new year, we are settled in a rockin’ house that we are totally in love with and for once in 5+ years, moving is not on our radar. At all.

Moving is expensive. Sheesh…

There is that whole, we’re-having-a-baby-and-need-a-bigger-car thing going on for us…but I think we can do it!

So, for the 9th consecutive year, I’m saying that next year will be different. I will buy Christmas (and birthday) presents all year long rather than waiting until December to scrape and scrounge and freak out about how Target is out of my amazing idea of a gift.

Maybe I’ll stop kidding myself thinking that anything less than 100 Christmas cards is enough. And maybe I’ll remember to actually take pictures of ALL of us by the tree.


Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

So what are you wanting to change next year? Any lessons learned this Christmas?


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