When I first became a Mom 6+ years ago, I was working full-time.  Frankly, life is just different when you get paid to work. So much so, that making the transition from working full-time outside the home to being a stay-at-home mom (who is rarely home somehow), was quite an adjustment. I had to learn how to be a S.A.H.M. in Washington far away from what and whom I’d known for so long.

Now that we’ve moved back to St. Louis, I’m finding that I need to relearn all over again how to be a S.A.H.M.  here. I know all the big things like the Magic House, the Zoo, Purina Farms, Grant’s Farm, etc. But today I learned about one of those little treasures I love to discover!

It’s called the Whittle Shortline Railroad and it’s located in Valley Park near Carol House furniture. When my BF described it to me, I imagined more of a hobby store like you’d find in Kirkwood, etc. However, I was delightfully surprised that it was truly more like a free place to play! And what a place!

It’s an historic building, an old hotel, for starters. Yes…it looks a bit sketchy at first glance due to the location. Brothel? No…But the cute train sign above the door is your first tip that it is so much more.

I walked in and in front of us is a HUGE train table, maybe 10+ feet long I’d say. And then there are 4 more small train tables all throughout the place. Each table is loaded with trains so that there are plenty to go around too. At the front counter they have snacks and juice boxes or waters for the kids for cheap. Did I mention it is totally free to play there?

They do have trains and other items (handmade wood puzzles, book cases) for sale. For $130 you can do your kids birthday party there complete with handmade invitations, an mc and a fun and cute party room upstairs.

All-in-all, it was a gem of a place. Chase loved it so much and told me he wants to go back again really soon.  Sounds like a great winter time activity if you ask me!!!

P.S. They are closed on Mondays and open at 10 am the rest of the week. 😀


3 thoughts on “Learning the Tricks in St. Louis

  1. I love fun discoveries like that! I also find the pet store is a great stop with youngsters. We don’t have pets, but it is like a visit to a small zoo for them. They are often by dollar stores or some other place you may need to run a quick errand, so you can do something productive and fun. Also, living in St. Charles, this would be a bit of a hike, but have you checked out Powder Valley nature center in Kirkwood? It was a mile from our house when we were in STL and I went at least once a week when J and A were little.

    1. I love hikes! I haven’t been there yet Carrie, (the weather) but I REALLY want to go. I want to go there and to Castlewood. I think my boys would really love exploring those areas. Thanks for the reminder! Did you ever go there in the winter? Maybe I’m wrong and it would be cool to see now.

  2. For nine years we lived right down the road from there and I never once visited. Bummer! I heard about it, but never made the time. *sigh* Have fun discovering the new in your old city! Especially this spring and summer! I do love St. Louis in the spring…


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