It’s Monday. It’s Monday two weeks before Christmas! I have very little of my shopping accomplished. However, I do know exactly what is left to be purchased. So that at least makes me feel less frustrated…ok a little less.

I’ve been very caught up in the busy-ness of December this year. All the Advent devotionals and sermons etc. have called to me softly “slow down”.

This weekend, my MIL shattered her knee and broke part of her leg. She’s been going a hundred different directions lately and I know she is frustrated by this giant road block she’s just hit. Seeing her in a challenging place has reminded me that I too need to take it easy. I need to stop pushing God out for my own agenda, my own accomplishments and my own desires.

So this week and next week, I noticed that my calendar has all sorts of open space in it. I’m usually very eager to fill that space and very talented at doing so. At least for now, I’m resisting the urge to jam-pack  my week. And I’m hoping to move through the week with more thought and more meaning than I have lately.

Exciting right?

I know, I’m a bit boring today. Too much introspection! Here’s hoping something hilarious happens this week to crack a big smile across my week. (But no broken bones please…)


One thought on “Insert Space “here”

  1. Hurrah for space! I hope that it is filled with peace and joy. I’m so sorry about Jeremy’s mom. Praying she heals quickly.
    As far as something hilarious, are you a fan of Tim Hawkins? I can’t remember. He is coming to EFree for two performances Feb 4…

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