Though we are a bit defensive about the report, St. Louis has gotten a bad wrap this year as being the most dangerous city in America. I know that I don’t personally feel like I live in a dangerous place, but then again, I don’t live in the city. I live in the burbs!

I have seen many informative television specials lately about how critical it is to be a smart shopper (because thefts are on the rise everywhere). However, even with all that information, with television specials on shows like the CBS evening news and the like, I see women especially doing three things when they shop that absolutely BEG for someone to rob them.

Those three things are:

1. Put their purse in the front seat of a shopping cart
2. Talk on their cell phone while they shop with said purse in the shopping cart
3. WALK AWAY from their cart completely while afore mentioned purse sits unattended in the shopping cart.

People, if you don’t believe me, next time you head out for something, just take a look around.  And while you are noticing all the frequent offenders, do also notice all the creepy looking guys who walk by once, twice and maybe even more times to analyze the situation a bit.

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I recently had a self defense class in one of my MOPS meetings and the gal teaching the class talked about how important it is as a woman when you are shopping alone (or even with just your small children) to pay attention to your surroundings. She said that anyone looking to rob you (or do worse to you) is especially keen at noticing if and when you are not paying attention to what and who is around you.

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This Christmas as you are out and about, and truly every time you are running your necessary errands, please pay attention to what you are doing and to who is around you. And please, for the love of a small country, hang up your phone.   Don’t walk through the parking lot on your phone, don’t walk through the store on your phone, because frankly, you aren’t paying as much attention as you should be to what is around you!

Be smart and be safe!

(Steps down from soap box.)

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