This was a big day in the Nevil household. Our gender/health ultrasound was today for our “baby whoops” (A.K.A. “baby surprise”!). We went into it really thinking it was going to be a boy. After all, boys are what we know and what we seem to usually get. So when she told us it was a girl, our first comment was, “Nuh-Uh!” followed by “are you SURE?”. Yup, Nicole, our tech was sure. “No doubt about it” she said.

We want to be modest seeing how she is a little lady. Here is our Cecelia!

We love to find out what our babies are in advance and we have always had names ready and waiting for each of them. There is something very special to our hearts about finding out and then naming the baby right away. I think it truly helps us bond to our babies and welcome them into the Nevil fold with a special eagerness. I’m not saying our way is the “right” way; it’s just right for us.

So today we met Cecelia Renee Nevil. Yes, we went with another “C” name. Just in case you are interested, if it would have been a boy his name would be Coleson Wade Nevil. So cute right?

But Cece it is. No, we did NOT name her Cece after “The Office” baby of Jim and Pam. In fact, I didn’t even realize that was their baby’s name until someone mentioned it/asked me if that’s why we did it. And no, it doesn’t mean anything cool (um, “blind”?). The reason we named her Cece was that Jeremy came home from work one night after helping a very sweet, affectionate and elderly couple who had come into the Sprint store. The lady’s name was Cecelia and her husband had affectionately referred to her as Cece. It melted Jeremy’s heart. When he came home to tell me about the “C” name for a girl he had heard that day, I immediately liked it. I like how classy and feminine the name is…it seems elegant to me. I just think of pearl necklaces when I think of Cecelia….

Renee is my sweet sister’s middle name. We like to do middle names with family ties just to keep those names in the lines. “Jay” was Jeremy’s Grandpa’s name (Cooper’s middle), “Evan” is a name from my biological father’s side of the family tree (but no one I personally knew…I actually really liked the name Evan for my friend Mary Johnson’s son and it just so happened it was a family name and flowed ever so nicely with Chase).

Our hearts are all a flutter over the thought of a little girl. We’ve envisioned all sorts of things that will be wonderful and horrendous. I’m excited to play with someone’s hair! I’m very curious as to what her personality will be. I already have way too many uneducated opinions about what I do and don’t like about having a girl. Um, for example I DO NOT like pink or purple. Yes, I’m absolutely serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if SHE likes it one day. However, I do not. I like red. I think pink and purple and Disney princesses are way overused and it annoys the tar out of me because of all the marketing to little girls. Every girl doesn’t HAVE to fit into pink, purple and tiaras.

What if she’s as opinionated as me?


Anyway, I’ll have time with all those crazy thoughts and fears later. For now, we are relishing her and trying to wrap our minds around how our world is about to be altered. Thanks for all the kind words on Facebook! You parents of girls have made us very excited for all that is to come! EEECKKK!

3 thoughts on “Well, What Do We Do Now?

  1. Hahaha! Girl, I was not a pink and purple girl, either. Then Tia popped out and everything changed. I wanted flowers and dainty and everything that came with it. And her favorite color? Purple! So what color is her room now? Purple! I never would have thought I’d have a purple room in my house, but you know what? I think it’s my favorite room of the house now – because it’s hers and she loves it. And I adore her.

    I’m with you on the Disney Princess thing, though. It’s the same reason I don’t like Disney themed rooms for boys or girls. It’s overdone and too much. BUT – girls are fun. They are so, so fun. Especially girls who have two brothers because they end up being the perfect balance. Not too girly, a little bit tougher, but still super sweet and pretty and fun to dress. Tia and I are throwing a tea party in a week for some of her friends just because we want to. We’re gonna bake and decorate and get dressed up for no reason at all other than we get to have a party. That’s what you get to do with girls! Of course boys are awesome and fun in a different way, but ohmygoodness, girls are a blast. Oh you’re gonna have so much fun. I’m so excited for you. 🙂

    Oh and I LOVE her name. Very elegant and pretty and a perfect nickname.

  2. A girl? Wow! Exciting! Just try and not put pink on the girl! I took Pella to a ladies church luncheon in blue and the next day 4 different people showed up with pink outfits for her – because everyone thought she was a boy! So beware!

    1. HA! That’s hilarious Abby! I actually think I’ll go ahead and start gifting out my boy clothes to people. Well, at least the stuff Chase is grown out of! Then maybe I’ll be less tempted…

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