Ladies and gents, I come to you today at my wits end. It’s Friday and I am completely maxed out of whatever emotional capacity is left in me. If you are trying to call me, I may have turned my phone off. Email me.

My two-year old is making me nuts. He’s testing the boundaries and on every.single.issue. His older brother is also testing some boundaries. I have no strategy or plan in place to combat this chaos either.

I am a crabby momma. Add to that the MOUSE that I saw in the garage this morning and the complete craziness of the calendar and whew…it’s a bad combination. My Christmas cheer is all but lost.

I got an email from a friend asking how I am allowing the peace of Christ to rule in my heart this advent and the answer was, “huh”? I have become totally wrapped up in the to-do, to-go, to-be list and it’s crowded out what Chrsitmas is all about already! ARGH!

I’m committed to getting through the next 4 days somehow. I’m going to call my friend I stood up last week and beg for forgiveness. I’m going to KILL THE MICE. I’m going to pray with my husband about a plan, a strategy to restore order into our children once more and I am going to focus on the peace of Christ. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

How are you and your calendar doing?


6 thoughts on “The Day My Sanity Left Me…

  1. Feeling much like you with the to-do list but, unlike you, the pregnancy hormones checked out a while back and I don’t have the little ones driving me nuts! Give yourself a break, friend, have a cup of tea and contemplate God’s grace for a moment. And a bite or two of chocolate. You have a good plan of action for when Jeremy comes home… praying for your little family.

  2. Praying for you, friend. Pregnancy is tough when you have to deal with kid issues. Add to that the holidays and you have the perfect recipe for crazy! Praying for peace for you.

    As for me, goodness, I’d love to talk with you. So many things being worked out in my heart. Love you and your family!

  3. Tiffany, you are normal.

    It’s okay to be stressed and emotional: you’re pregnant (that’s reason enough), you’re raising two fine young men who have limitless energy (I know bc I have one too), and there are mice in your garage (period).

    Give yourself a break and don’t even indulge the guilt. Ah, look a the pretty snow falling on your blog. Beautiful. Every little thing is gonna be all right. Hang in there, wonderful-beautiful-sweet momma!

  4. Are you sure you’re not talking about MY two-year-old? Ugh. I’m sorry. I’ve been feeling exactly the same way in regard to my two youngest men. I’ll try to remember to pray for you and your heart in all those times that I’m having to lift my own up before God in all of my mothering-fails (which means you’ll be prayed for A LOT).

    Love you and your sweet family!

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