Thanksgiving was a great experience for our family! It is our first year home in 4 or 5 years…I forget how many exactly. And with some of the family members who came over, it was the first time we had celebrated Thanksgiving with them in 7+ years!

My ‘rents traveled down to Oklahoma City to be with some extended family. My sister and her new hubby did eventually show up, you know, after spending all day in the E.R. She cut off a nice chunk of her finger that morning while she was making last-minute preparations on her dishes she was bringing.

But all in all, it was a very special and heart-warming holiday with everything going like a movie script. I’ve treasured going back over everything in my mind. We even had a funny moment (funny uh-oh) when we discovered the mysterious water leak in our basement was coming from the shower upstairs. No worries, FIL and my Hubbs to the rescue! We fixed it. (Well, they fixed it.) HURRAY! So all was well.

On Black Friday, we opted to stay indoors where it was warm. We began the process of Christmas-ing the house and had oh so much fun doing so! Jeremy and his Dad hung lights on the house and pulled a Christmas Vacation a la Chevy Chase moment when they turned them on for the night. Joy to the world was sung in Jeremy’s best impression. We laughed pretty hard.

Our guests left partially on Friday, then fully on Saturday morning early on. So Saturday night we finished decorating the tree and just enjoyed those special moments I think I’ll never forget with our boys! Here’s a little slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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