I’ve loved experiencing the family dynamics of two kids. It is so fun to watch Cooper and Chase becoming friends! It makes me even more eager to add one more person to our crew. (Sorry Duggars, but 3 is enough “flowers” in my garden.) I can’t wait to find out what #3 is on December 6!

Brothers and Best of Friends

However, this week I had some things lovingly pointed out to me about my parenting. I have not done for Chase what I did for Cooper. I say this with laughter peeps. I know I stand amongst a crowd of Mommy and even Daddy witnesses who can say “preach it” right a long side me. It’s both funny and good to be accountable.

The first born is something we just get so excited about. We are so anxious to show them the world and let them taste ice cream for the very first time, see a Christmas tree, touch a frog, play in a pool, see snow, rain, fog, mist, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, oceans and watch their beautiful faces light up. I have VIVID memories of the first time Cooper saw these things and the joy in my heart at those moments is off the charts! (Can you imagine how the Lord feels in those moments we delight in His creation?)

However, along the way, we get caught up in just the administrative details of life with more people and I think we lose track of the eager and good intentions we had with our first born. Well, at least that’s what has happened to me.

So when my Parents as Teachers gal came over this week to work with Chase and he couldn’t do 1/2 the things Cooper could at this same age, I realized that it’s time to get with the program. After all, I have the privilege of staying home with my kids! It is time to break out the muffin tins and the tiny tongs and get to sorting objects, it’s time to get color books and dreaded puzzles out.

Our Sweet Chase

The reminder this week with Chase has actually been a great time for me to sit and really think about who God has made my second born. What he is good at, what he needs more instruction on and how much I enjoy the differences and the similarities of my boys. I’m so in love with them and the unique qualities each of them possess. It makes me so eager to know what baby #3 is going to be like and to witness the ever-changing family dynamics this person will bring to our family.

Sometimes I think I never knew Christmas until I had children.

Children are such a gift. I am so grateful for the ways that these little people have expanded and humbled my heart!


4 thoughts on “A Mommy Moment: Thoughts on My Kids

  1. ooohhhh – I love this! I’m guilty as well -especially since my boys are so close in age (less than two years). I have some things to review with the 2y.o. as well… but I LOVE their budding relationship which is so fun to watch… esp when the 4y.o. ‘teaches’ the 2y.o. something.

  2. Oh man! Chase looks so old! How’d that happen? The good thing is – he won’t have a clue that you forgot to get the puzzles and sorting blocks out. (Unless he reads this blog when he’s old.) He’s still going to remember you as the best mom ever!

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