You never really notice how much you use your oven till you can’t anymore. Especially when you are stuck at home with sleeping children and trying to avoid cleaning something. You can’t decide to bake cookies or even get a head start on dinner in an effort to further your procrastination while appearing busy. Boo. Where is that easy bake oven?

In fact, while there are lots of meals you can cook on the stove top, there are lots more you can’t cook up there. So sad.

I guess I should mention my oven is broken. It won’t heat. It’s really quite a travesty. Not because I like my oven, it’s pretty ugly and outdated. (Yet not outdated enough to be vintage and cool.) Today the oven repair guy is coming out. For $58.50 he will assess my problem sometime between 8 am and Noon. Then, depending on what is wrong with it, we get to pay even more money and have it fixed, or get a whole new oven. I’m wishing we would have purchased that home warranty right about now…Thanksgiving is in how many days?

Part of  me would love to get a new oven. Because if we are getting a new one, it’s going to be nice. Reasonable, but nice. However, I don’t want to blow $800 on an oven right before Christmas. That’s just no fun. This could be the first year in 9 years of marriage where we aren’t scratching our heads trying to figure out how we’ll pay for Christmas. I don’t want to mess that up.

I know, I know, I bet we could find a sweet 0% interest if paid in full by one year finance deal, which would totally rock. It’s the hassle of it all.

Either way, I guarantee I’ll be rejoicing. Whether my new oven looks like this:

Sad broken oven

Or this!

happy new oven

At least Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners will be saved! Thanks for working so hard to pay for stuff like this hubbs! We appreciate you and your sugar-daddyness.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Danger!

  1. I feel your pain! Both my oven and stove top were broken about a month ago so I spent several weeks with my crock pot (if you can bake it you can probably cock pot it!) Before you go full price shopping try craigslist or just ask around, you would be surprised at what people will give away for free or very cheap that will hold you over until it isn’t right before Christmas and you have time to save for your dream oven 🙂 Bekah

  2. I’m sorry – I got hung up on the part where you bake cookies or start dinner early to avoid cleaning. I like to surf the internet to avoid both cleaning AND cooking.

    I stink.

    But, what doesn’t stink is that you’ll be able to fix your sad oven for now and hopefully have a happy new one soon! Yay! Love you, friend. 🙂

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