I’ve been looking back at my pictures from 2007-2010. That is how long we lived in Washington State. There is something so magical and breathtaking about the west coast. I started a fun little project that I have yet to finish. I took all the pictures of nature from our Washington years and put them in a folder on my computer. My intent is to make a photo book on Shutterfly and have it printed up as a coffee table book.

You may notice I changed my header for the blog. That new picture is a tiny part of a picture of a waterfall up on Mount Rainier. It’s only one of many but it is so peaceful and beautiful. In fact, here’s the whole thing. I love all the mist in the picture.

Waterfall on Mount Rainier

I really miss the accessibility of nature that Washington lent our family. The weather was so mild year-round that it made you LONG to get out of the house. As long as you had some rubber boots (wellies), a raincoat and a hat, you were good to go!

I know, St. Louis has great stuff. I do see beautiful things all around here. I especially see the beautiful faces of our family. But nothing can compare to mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and pretty rivers. Our rivers are just ugly, and dirty.

I’m super happy to be home. I enjoy the spontaneity of getting together with family at a moments notice. I adore the joy that comes with celebrating major events together. I love the opportunity to help my family out and to relax in the comfort of old friends who know me and my story.

But man, I wish I didn’t have to choose. I hate knowing that our family will always be in the mid-west and the beauty of Washington will have to remain for vacations and visits. It’s sad really.

I’m happy with our choice to move home. It was the right choice. But I’m longing for a vacation. I’m longing for a weekend-getaway to Cannon Beach, to Mount Rainier, to Snoqualmie. I’m missing Pike Place, the Columbia River Gorge and all the fun that a quick little weekend getaway to a beautiful place offers. Life is a blessing, things are joyful and good in our home. Life just feels very task-oriented right now. Maybe that’s why I want to go and make a memory with my family and just “be” together.

Lord Jesus, I love to drink in the beauty of the Earth you have created and gifted to us. Remind me that all that beauty is wrapped up in the person of you and quench my love for being outside. 😀


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