This is a repost from last year, but hey, when you say it well the first time, why try again?

My soldier and love already posted on his own blog about this special day. But I feel especially called this year to have a post as well. A lot of it stems from watching my husband do his day-in-day-out stuff for the past 4 years and from knowing he is nearing the end of his time in service.

our shoes say a lot about us!

Each day, my soldier wakes up at 04:45 am to get ready to start his day. He doesn’t have an office he goes to, or a desk.  He spends every day of the year outside. Rain, wind, cold, or heat, he’s out there.  He does what he is told and works to encourage and train up his guys not just for life in the Army, but life outside of it.  He puts himself in harms way, he works hard and gives it all that he’s got. He  doesn’t give up when it’s hard. He doesn’t quit when he is tired, cold/hot, or wet.  He just keeps pushing.

hot, tired and dirty

There are things that he has done that I can’t believe he’s done. I say to him lovingly, “this is why I am not the soldier in this family!”.

I am so proud of my husband. For the fortitude of mind, body and heart that he exhibits in his daily life. I am so grateful for the other military families we know and love and for the sacrifices that I know they put in too.  I feel honored to have watched my husband these past 4 years. He’s grown as a man and soldier in so many ways.

This Veteran’s Day is also my soldier’s birthday. I believe it was a noble calling from the beginning of his days. We both have a long line of Veteran’s in our family and I am so grateful for the example they set. It is a privilege and an honor.

Babe, I am so proud of you and hope that this special birthday is the most special of all. I love you.

Happy Birthday Stud!

Happy Birthday!

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