I’m one of those people who like to see, touch and experience things. I dunno why, but I can’t just look at something and know that I MUST have it or that it is the right thing for my life. I feel the need to touch it and think about it and carry it around. Am I wooing it? Perhaps…

My loving husband especially loathes shopping with me for this reason. And this issue goes for lots of things in my life besides clothes: houses, cars, people. I’m not too weird, right?

Anyway, my point in telling you about my quirk is that I am convinced this quirk is attached to my inability to navigate or desire anything techie. I’m talking computers, laptops, I-pods, MP-3 players and the like. I’ve never felt like a person who simply must have whatever new technology is out there. Apple what? What’s so great about apple?

Case in point; I’ve never been on itunes. In fact, I have NO IDEA how to get on there or what I would do once I was on there. And I don’t have an i-device anyway so…would it really matter? Our computer is a giant beige from-the-stone-age-of-7-years-ago tower. We did upgrade to a flat-screen monitor a few years ago…does that make us cool?

I just got an MP3 player for Christmas last year and um, I rarely use it. I just used Pandora and streamed it from my phone for the first time last week. In fact, the hubbs just taught me how to make Pandora come through the radio in the car wirelessly thanks to my fancy Bluetooth thingamagig he got me for the car. WOW! Black Keys all the time? Score!

And to top it all off, this weekend I did something else I’ve never done…ever. I put my beautiful and life-giving white board calendar into my phone. Yes…I accidentally put it on my google calendar. No, I didn’t know that I did it. Yes, I was thrilled to learn I can SHARE my calendar with the hubbs so he sees when I add stuff! CRAZY!

It’s just really sad that I’m not so techno savvy. I keep telling myself I score extra credit points for doing digital scrapbooks (love!) and for being on facebook and having not one but TWO blogs! (Which you can find here and here!) But alas…I can still see my children teasing me about being “old” and so “last year” much, much later in life (because I’m WAY young now).

In the mean time, wanna hang out? Cause I can TOTALLY schedule it in my phone. 😉


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