First, I have to praise Jesus that our entire family made it 120 days without having medical insurance! Chase did get an ear infection…but we made it through that thanks to a whole bunch of amoxicillin. Shew!

Poor Baby was so miserable with that ear infection!

Now that we DO have medical insurance again, (although no dental-BOO!) we are in the land of prenatal doctor appointments. YIPPIE! I found a great doctor at MOBAP (that’s Missouri Baptist Hospital) through my friend Abby at church. I’m super excited about this doctor and really look forward to having her with us through the pregnancy. Hopefully she’ll actually be in town when I deliver!

We were super lucky to get to take a peek at “Munchkin #3” (which just sounds better than “Baby Whoops”…poor kid) via ultrasound this week. I got to see this little person wiggling around in my belly, sucking it’s thumb and doing this funny little snake dance. Maybe it was a hip shimmy, I dunno. But it was really cute! The nose so cute in both Chase and Cooper’s ultrasounds was present here again too. Here are the 3 pics I got. FYI, it helps if your tilt your head to the side.

You can see a profile of the head, chest and one arm here
You can see mostly just head and neck and a little shoulder in this one
This one you can see a weird blob up by it's forehead...that's another hand. Then you can see the rest of the baby's profile and an arm and little hand again

The technician said that the baby weighs about 3 oz, which is big compared to the 1.5 oz babycenter’s little updates say the munchkin should weigh. There isn’t much else to report except that we will get to find out at 18 weeks (only 4 weeks left!) what the baby is and how the rest of his/her body is developing and how things are measuring.  😀

I’m feeling MUCH better. I still get nauseous in the evenings, but it is less and less frequently. My energy level is coming back too. I actually WANTED to go out for a run on Tuesday morning this week, so I did! I certainly wasn’t able to run much since I haven’t even attempted any form of exercise since my race in April (and I was pushing an almost-3-year-old). But I ran some straightways and a bunch of downhills and that was fun. I am still planning on doing a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning…5 K baby! I love running in the cold.

Everything is feeling much more real now days. It’s exciting and nerve racking for me. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about how we’ll rearrange furniture and how room swaps will go etc… Truthfully, I know it’ll all work out and that’s what I tell myself in those middle of the night panic sessions! HA! Oh the life of a mommy….


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