Today, I am here to make you sick to your stomach. Yup, that’s right. How shall I accomplish this feat? I’m not talking about any kind of gross stuff…no, I’m talking about Christmas! HURRAY! But if this really makes you sick to your stomach and you want to take it slow and look at pumpkins and embrace fall then here, check out these pumpkins. 😀

2010 Christmas cookie baking!

I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

I know the end of Halloween truly marks the beginning of the “Holiday Season”/”Christmas Season” and personally I LOVE that! I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve decided it actually has everything to do with the stuff that SURROUNDS Christmas that makes me excited. I even like all the moans and groans of people who want to take it slow and push Christmas off as long as they can. 😀

What do I love about the Christmas Season? Hmmm, glad you asked.  I love making candy and giving it to people,  hearing them both groan and giggle. I love putting together Christmas cards and receiving them. It’s so fun to see everyone and get FUN mail! I like how everything twinkles. I like snuggling up to apple cider, hot chocolate and other warm and yummy treats while we dress in layer upon layer and trudge through crowds with presents on our minds. I love thinking about what people would like to receive for Christmas and trying to “think outside the box” about their gifts.

I love thinking about ways to give to the world around us. We could buy a goat for someone, a chicken, save a girl from a life of prostitution, or even help give a town a well with fresh and clean water! (Check out Samaritan’s Purse or Advent Cospiracy for ways you can give easily!) Our new church hosts a neat thing called The Christmas Store. People donate new gifts and the store enables families in need to buy the gifts for ridiculous prices. For example an Ipod for $2.00. (If you live in St. Charles and want to participate in helping your community, from FB you can click on this link or search for “Serve St. Charles” or “The Christmas Store”)

I especially love that Cooper remembers our own family traditions and is a total STICKLER about ensuring we complete them…maybe even twice! In our family we don’t have a ton of things we do, but we like to keep it simple so that we aren’t crazy. We have a Christmas Cookie Cookoff with my Grammie, my Mom, my Sister and the grandkids and we have special family recipes and arguments about what cookies will and won’t get made.  I actually love that part.

We hide a little pickle in our Christmas tree and dutifully forget all about it until we are taking down the tree (or putting it up the following year and we find it!). We make homemade cinnamon rolls FROM SCRATCH on Christmas Eve so that we can pop them in the oven Christmas morning. We attend a Christmas Eve Church service somewhere. We read the story of Jesus’s birth on Christmas morning and we put candles in our freshly baked cinnamon rolls and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

In years past when we’ve been away from family on Christmas day, I make a big meal that we eat early in the afternoon…not quite lunch and not quite dinner. That way when 7 pm rolls around…we’re ready for pie and coffee :).

I love watching all the Christmas specials and classics on TV with my boys! In fact, will someone give those to us for Christmas this year so we can just watch them when we want? We like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, all the Charlie Browns, (The grown-ups get to watch Christmas Vacation) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (we have this one) and stuff like that. I’m sure there are more I can’t think of now.

Sigh…are you green under the gills? Has this sufficiently sickened you? Great! Oh and I love that WordPress makes it snow on my blog. My heart is warm and gooey inside right now….like covered in cinnamon and sugar! Sorry…Anyway, tell me a tradition you have in your family or something you really love about Christmas!

2 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Early!

  1. We also read the Christmas story. The hubs and I go Christmas shopping together all by ourselves. We make a Christmas morning video, which always turns out awesome. We have fondue on Christmas Day for dinner. We alway dress in our very best for Christmas eve service. We also have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I make a recipe that makes about 64 rolls, so the ones we don’t eat we give out to friends and family on Christmas eve. And Christmas morning is always spent at home just the four of us. I love talking about Christmas with my family, and telling the kids all about Jesus. I love that it is understood family time. Christmas morning there will be no work, no client calls, no sport activities… just us.

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