Ladies, you know that feeling you get when you have an amazing hair day, your jeans fit you better than they usually do (either because they are too big or just right) and you just feel like you’ve got it? It’s a lovely feeling.

I guess it looks sort of like this when we feel that way...

Well, I’ve lost it. In fact, I was unaware of it until today. I was sitting in the parent pick up line drinking my hot tea, the rain was drizzling down and VeggieTales was in the back ground as the two munchkins entertained themselves. I had no make up on, my hair was stringy and straight, I was wearing a pair of faded black work out pants, several shirts and a hoodie. All the sudden, I looked in the mirror and all I could say was, “whoa girl”.

I have done this whole pregnancy thing two times prior. I know that the little person growing inside me is taking over for a bit. I know that “it” will come back…even though “it” is rather elusive right now. I’ll have good hair again. I’ll find myself back in my hot jeans eventually. (gulp)

12 weeks this week!

But in the meant time, I’m thinking it is time to put some effort back into my appearance. If for no other reason than to feel less…..bleh. Why am I telling you this? Because I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe, I’ll put that effort in if I announce to the world that I will. And then, maybe I’ll find what I lost, only in a pregnant version.


5 thoughts on “I Lost It

  1. Ugh I have so been there and not just during pregnancy! Maybe a new haircut will help you get that “umph” back? I got my eyebrows threaded a couple of wks ago and felt like a new woman! Haha

    1. Thanks Laura! I think a Mommy-Only date is going to be fast approaching. Or at least a girls afternoon of shopping followed by a night of dinner out. Yeah…that needs to happen soon. 😀

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