Cooper has been on fall break from school since October 6. Today is October 17. To me, it only made sense that being a Monday would mean that it is the day Cooper goes back to school and fall break is over.

Rewind to last night. The Cardinals are playing the final game of the NLCS Championships. We are watching the game, flipping channels here and there, and I decide to have a cup of something like coffee. One of those “international delights”. I complete forget it has caffeine.  I drink it and call my best friend. This only wakes me up even more than the caffeine. So now, I’m wide awake, the Cardinals have won and are headed to the World Series, it’s 11:30 pm, and I can’t sleep. But I know Cooper has school tomorrow, I have to babysit and the day will be busy first thing in the morning especially. I have to try to get to sleep so I’ll be ready for the day.

The lights go out and I give it my best effort. I’m up and down until roughly 3 am when I finally fall asleep for good. Apparently, I heard my alarm clock go off at 6:30 am. My husband says I heard it anyway. He also laughed as I turned it off and promptly went back to sleep.

All of the sudden, my eyes flash awake. I sit up with a start and my heart almost stops beating. “What time is it?!!” It is 7:30 am! AHHHHHHHHH! The little girl I babysit will be here any second and ohmylanta, Cooper has school! I frantically rush around getting dressed and trying to look at least alive. I give the kids breakfast and am literally running around the kitchen. I start to make Cooper’s lunch…”wait, where’s the bread? WE HAVE NO BREAD?!”

Ok, that’s ok. I can improvise. We have tortillas. I continue to make Cooper’s lunch all the while trying to figure out why the baby isn’t here yet. I check the schedule. Oh…the days switched. I don’t have her till Wednesday. SHEW! Ok, next thing. I hear Cooper yell from the back of the house, “MOM! Do I have gym today?” I check the schedule. Wait a second…this can’t be right.

I go to the computer and check at the school’s website. “Oh my goodness. Cooper doesn’t have school today? Surely this is wrong.” I check a few other sites. Nope, it’s right. Cooper does NOT in fact have school today. I proceed to crack up laughing at myself. I walk back to Cooper’s room where he is getting dressed.

“Buddy, you will never believe this.” He looks up at me surprised, “what mom?”. “Buddy, you do not have school today! I was completely wrong!” Cooper jumps up and down screaming “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE MOM!” I laugh and tell him to put his jammies back on and go watch cartoons.

I laugh some more at myself. Wow. What a way to start the day. Adrenaline rushing through my veins, my mind lecturing me about being unprepared all to find out, it was just a trial run for tomorrow.

I think somehow I’ll do better next time. 😀 Here’s to practice runs.


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