I don’t know about you guys, but the Nevil family had a busy weekend! SHEW! For starters, we began the arduous process of taking down our odd and pointless deck in the back yard.

Before pic of the deck.
"The Pit"...where a pool used to reside. There is all kinds of weird stuff we inherited underneath the deck too.

Jeremy attacked that deck with a lot of gusto. He was a man with a plan. I couldn’t believe that he got 85% of it down in just one afternoon. Oh, and thank you McGill family for the use of the circular saw!

Now it looks like this...

And we learned all sorts of “fun” things about our house in the midst of this project. We were gabbing with our neighbor as we worked and check out what we learned:

1. The previous owners experienced a WATER MAIN BREAK in the basement a few years ago. Yup. They actually had to rip up the front  yard and break in through the basement foundation to fix it. This explains sooooooo much. (The house was a foreclosure so we didn’t have a seller’s disclosure.)

2. The previous owners put the roof on THEMSELVES. Now, our inspector whom we paid money to says the roof is fine. My parents say it’s not quite up to the standards of roofs today and that while it’ll work (it’s only a few years old) it won’t last extremely long.

3. We were further informed of the antics of the bank-hired contractors who took down the pool in the back yard. No wonder they buried that dang pool liner back there…goobers.

4. We found odd pipes, one of which we are pretty sure is a gas line, underneath the deck, just you know, hanging out. A call to Laclede is on our future.

So, it was good times. Oh, the things you learn when you start to work on your house, right?

But we are super glad the deck project is started. It has already opened our big back yard up even more. Even though there is a gigantic pile of rubble back there for now, I just keep seeing my vision springing to life. HURRAY!!!!! I’m praying next spring that we can really have some fun with it all. That’ll be the time we start planting and grading etc. YAY!

In other news, we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend with Jeremy’s family. Rombach Farms to be exact. And yeah, it was pretty neat, but sorry Missouri. Washington’s pumpkin patches blow you out of the water. You can’t hold a jack-o-lantern to them.

Getting a picture of children at a busy pumpkin patch is like herding cats...

Not to mention that those huge pumpkins cost $50! And you should have seen all the people who were buying them! I mean, that’s how much people pay for a nice dinner out, a whole Christmas Tree, and even hot boots! We have weird priorities with our money people.

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