what did i miss?

Today, I am popping my head up from the hole I’ve dug myself into over the past few days.  My best friend returned to Seattle last night. BOOO! We had such great times together. There’s just something about having chocolate cake, popcorn and 4-hour chick flicks that bonds women together. Sigh…we swoon Colin Firth, we swoon. And yes Lady Catherine, the shades of Pemberly are to be thus polluted.


I’m in recovery mode today. I stayed in bed until 8:20 am today! GASP! The youngest of my brood joined me in precious snuggle time. The weather outside is sort of dark and rainy; a very autumn day. And somehow, sipping my coffee this morning, eating some oatmeal and talking on the phone with my sister was just great. I think everyone needs days where nothing is really on the agenda.

Laundry and cleaning and various administrative tasks await me today. But the refreshment of precious time with my friend has fueled me with strength. I’m sad she’s gone. But I’m so glad for all the times we got to enjoy together while she was here.

For now, I’m off to get the day started. I’m noticing I’m thinking in a British Accent ever since our P & P marathon…he he he he he he… “are you not diverted?”


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