**If you are here looking for information on the services for Patrick, just click on the Post “For Patrick“. Any information I have will be a the top. Thanks.

I can easily get lost within myself. I truly believe the old adage “Know Thyself”. I’m glad I’ve taken the time and had the opportunities to understand myself better so that I can work my way out of some dark places. I also know that I have to depend on the Lord to be my Light in the valleys. He’s led me out of a lot.

This has been a rough week and I can never sit in sorrow or sadness for too long. I don’t want it to overtake me. I don’t know how long it is going to take me to work through the truth that Patrick is gone. It seems completely unreal. Like it’s a lie.

Life continues to nip at my heels, painfully reminding me that it goes on. The dishes still need washing. The car still needs safety inspected (and will fail). Kids still need love, attention, care and guidance. Bills still have to get paid too. Life goes on.

In my effort to lift myself up and out I thought, Jim Gaffigan is always good for a laugh. I mean the man does diatribes on bacon, hot pockets, camping, bowling, laziness, Cinnabon and even cake. Mmm…cake.

And for my best friend Crystal, the one on Cinnabon.

Pat’s memory and the friendship we had with him will always live in our hearts.


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