So, I had a post scheduled to go up on Wednesday morning. (It’s Thursday.) It was a crabby post. It’s possible I perceive it to be crabbier than it truly is because of the other stuff in my head…but just in case, I pulled it down.

Thus, my blog sits, bored. Just a Monday post.

I’m remembering that I’m kinda grouchy when I’m pregnant. Being nauseous on a daily basis isn’t helping things either.

So I apologize for my boring blog today peeps.  I think boring is better than crabby for now!


2 thoughts on “Upon Further Reflection

  1. We’ll give you a bye on this one, but only because you’re pregnant.

    If I remember correctly, being pregnant is anything but boring. And you are anything but boring.

    The non-grouchy blogging mood will strike you again. Until then, go put your feet up and watch a good tv show on hulu or something… 🙂

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