Notice my tag on this post? Yeah…it’s about tv. I love tv.  Quick, watch this hilarity that is Jim Gaffigan.

So anyway, I, like Jim Gaffigan, love tv. Fall is nice and all, but you know, good tv starting up is probably the best part.  However, if it weren’t for Hulu, I would be one sad momma. For starters, we no longer have the beloved DVR. I know right? You’re thinking “how does she SURVIVE?”. Like I said, Hulu.

I missed the season premiere of Parenthood and I was so sad. But then, Hulu made it all better…with limited commercial interruption too. I’ll probably miss Grey’s Anatomy and all the other shows I like too…but Hulu, oh how I love you.

So, I’m going to go watch some Hulu right now and pretend I don’t miss the DVR. “I ain’t missin’ you at all, miss’in you”.


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3 thoughts on “Shallow Admonishons

  1. For this very reason we aren’t even going to hook up cable when we move in. What’s the point? There are only a couple of shows I actually like to watch and I can see them online for free. Why spend money each month to get a bunch of channels and shows I don’t even like?

    Although I do think Lee is going to miss being able to watch football. So we’ll see how long we actually last. Hehehe…

    And I love me some Jim Gaffigan. 🙂

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