One More Baby is on it's Way

A few weeks ago, Jeremy and I found out that I am pregnant. I know, right?!

We were not trying to get pregnant.  In fact, we were pretty surprised by this little addition. Shocked even.

We’d thought for a long time that we would most likely have one more baby, but I didn’t want to get pregnant until our 2nd born was 3 or more preferably 4. (Because he makes me a little cooky.)  It took us a year of planning and counting and trying to get pregnant with him. That added to our shock of this news. It just happened so fast and so unexpectedly.

I have had a really hard time wrapping my brain around all this. We have officially outgrown our car and our dining room table in one fell swoop. I’m stuck on those two issues right now. That and the fact that my precious vacation is also out the window.  I was really looking forward to our 10 year wedding anniversary next July. We were planning a cruise with our best friends’ the Metcalfes. I was planning to lose the last of my pesky 10 lbs by then and I was so thrilled at the idea of getting away from life and kids for 5 whole days with a wonderful celebration. Poof. It’s gone. 😦 Sad mommy….

How am I feeling? I’m crazy nauseous and I get car sick…ugh….and can I tell you about the junk food I’m craving? Not sweet stuff though…all savory. I’m in bed almost as soon as my kids go to bed too. Man…I can’t wait till the 1st trimester is over so I will feel like less of an alien.

Don’t I sound cheery?

I know I’m being a bit rotten and self-absorbed, but I just have to whine a little. It’s our own fault and I know that we will be blessed and happy in the long run. I have lots of time for vacations, right? I guess we can celebrate the big 15 with a bang.

So pardon me as I pick myself up off the floor. I’m still in shock. My consolation is that this will be it for us. No more kiddos after this. I should try to soak that up instead of being a booger. I’m definitely going to go buy some new and sassy maternity clothes just to make myself feel better. Beware Jeremy….beware….

Oh by the way, we have told our boys.  Cooper, the eldest, was thrilled to the kilt and can hardly wait. He’s already planning out how he’ll help me. He asked if he could be the first person to hold the baby when it comes out. I said “no, I get to be the first, you can be third”. Chase is oblivious and said something along the lines of “Chasey baby!”…yikes. Jeremy would do cartwheels if he could.

Here’s how we announced it to our family. 😀

Our Big Surprise is Coming May 2012

Cooper was being very uncooperative at this point in the photo shoot. He’s actually way more excited than he looks in this pic.

So there you have it; big news from the Nevil Family.


6 thoughts on “A Spring Baby is in Our Future

  1. I LOVE it! Great picture. I can tell you without fail that you will be more blessed because of this third surprise baby. I’ll never forget how terrible the weekend we found out we were expecting Landon was. Literally, Lee didn’t talk to me for three days. He left two right after I told him and he did not call me all weekend. And I called Nicole Diehl in tears totally freaked out and sure that we had ruined our lives (and Sloan and Tia’s lives) forever.

    Fast forward to this morning. Landon crawled in bed with me at 6:45. He wrapped his arms around my neck and put his cheek against mine and whispered, “Mommy, I weally wove you.” And right now, as I type this, he and Tia are hand in hand outside chasing lizards. The minivan, the bigger dining room table, the shared bedrooms…all of it is worth it.

    I can’t imagine life without that surprise third baby.

    You guys are gonna be GREAT! Love you! 🙂

  2. Well, JH was planned in that we said, “Let’s have a third,” tried for one cycle, Matt changed his mind and said, “Let’s wait 6 more months,” and a week later we found out it was already too late…pregnant on the first try!

    I SOOO remember Kelli’s phone call to me, as I was already a few months pregnant with Jack Henry when she called. I just kept telling her, “It’s going to be ok” and laughing with her at the situation!

    And FYI…we used our outgrown dining room table for 2 1/2 years after Jack Henry was born, since he was in a high chair. Now the car situation you’ll have to take care of sooner, but the table? You’ve got some time.

    CONGRATS!! Hope you’re feeling much better soon!!

  3. You guys are too cute! Love the picture. Praying for you dear friend. I know its difficult right now. Praying God gives you peace of mind and all your worries disappear. You can always vacation down here and we can head to the beach!

  4. Ahh. I knew my comment wouldn’t make it on here. I tried to comment from my ipad and I’m not smart so let me say again: Yay! Horray! Yippee! Hee hee hee hee! More babies!

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