Brains…and You Have To

I am in a fog. My face hurts. My nose is burning even though I can breathe. But I feel like the area in the middle of my face has something stuck in it. My ears feel funny. My eyes are itchy. My throat is itchy. I’m itchy. Ahhh…yes, I’m in Missouri. This is what allergies feel like.


So I have nothing cool to say. But I do have something hilarious for you to watch. Because last night, I had a conversation with my spouse that thoroughly annoyed me, until I remembered this. Oh yeah….

and this one was just a good reminder…

Mark Gungor is so hilarious and his marriage conference “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” is excellent. Jeremy and I did the video series and it was very uplifting and encouraging. We love to laugh, and this guy is great at making people laugh about the truth.

A Letter to Chase

Dearest Chase,

You have been an intriguing child. I thought with your arrival I would be a confidant and secure Mom because “I’ve done this before”. But you threw me for a loop. You were so different from your brother. I struggled to remember my Mommy tricks and special powers, I tried so hard to figure you out. You were a mystery to me. You silenced my pride and frustrated my strengths. This was a challenging discovery because I just “got it” with your brother. I still feel like he is easy for me to read. But it took me longer to figure you out.

Chase and I, Halloween 2010

Now that your brother has started school, we have so much time together, you and I. I am treasuring our special moments. Your personality is budding and blossoming right before me and you have been a delight to discover. Your fierce temper and strong will have begun to soften. Your speech is quickly developing and best of all, your imagination is growing.

I love to watch you in all the ways you are so different from your brother. It is fun to hear you pretend to read to yourself, to watch you play by yourself uninterrupted, to hear you repeat to me the reminders we give you. Some of my favorite things you say and do are:  “Mommy, no cwying at da poow, o-tay? Pwomise?” I love it when you say “hold you!” knowing you mean hold me.  I love it when you tell me I need to “buy some” whenever you perceive we are out of some grocery item you feel is necessary for us to have in the house. And I delight in your squeals of “oh tank you Mommy, tank you!” as you go through the grocery bags when I have returned from the store, discovering all the items I’ve replenished for you.

You still fight me hard on naps and bedtime in general you little stinker. And this is what often results...

Just now, you went to the fridge, picked out my favorite drink and sweetly brought it to me saying, “here ya go Mommy, fizzy”.  You have reminded me that almost three through five are delightful years in a child.

I pray your sense of humor and imagination continue to grow. I pray that you will find a way to work with your brother, to love and appreciate him as your best friend, even though you think very differently and look at the world from different perspectives. And I pray that like your name we gave to you, that you would “chase” after the Lord for His glory. I love you Mr. Chasey Bud. Thanks for challenging your Dad and I as people and parents.