into the dimension of organized sports. YIKES! I wasn’t involved in sports as a kiddo, but Jeremy was always in either baseball or football (and I think he even went out for track once…for the hot girls). We knew when we dreamed together of our children as starry eyed-newly weds that we wanted them to be active and involved in sports.

After Cooper was born, our first son, life seemed like it started to move REALLY fast! When I stopped working after our move to Washington state, I put Cooper in a recreational gymnastics class. That was a riot and I learned a lot about my son’s personality. Then a few years later, we put Cooper in swim lessons, twice. Building confidence in the water was important to me especially because I love and adore all water.

But none of that was really a “sport” when it came to the little kids learning it. It was all very individualistic. We know St. Louis is a baseball town and we’ve always said Cooper Jay was a great baseball/football name. I attempted to sign Coop up for t-ball back in March thinking that summer was still MONTHS away and got a severe reality check. They sign kids up for this stuff in JANUARY?! WHOA! I was sooooo behind. I finally managed to get him signed up for a team that started at the end of the summer. I figured the weather would be nice then anyway.

Finally, after a summer of waiting, this Wednesday, Cooper-the-slugger-Jay-Nevil experienced his first organized sport!

Our Slugger!
I loved watching him lift that knee as he stepped into his throw

He had a rough time grasping that he was IN a GAME and couldn’t just leave. He tried walking off the field to get a drink in the middle of things at one point. We yelled out “Coop! What are you doing?!”. His reply? “I’m getting a drink” with extreme sarcasm. We had to inform him that he can’t just LEAVE the middle of the game. This was complete news to him and the look on his face was priceless!

He had a rough time remembering where his coach told him to stand and it was hilarious watching EVERY kid on the team run to wherever the ball went. It was a great evening and Cooper seemed caught up/focused on trying to understand everything that was going on. I kept asking him if he had fun and he insisted he did. I think as the weeks go on we’ll get a better feel for how he feels about the sport. I hope he likes it and at least wants to stick with it for a little while.

Lining up to tell the other team "good game"
"Good Game"

2 thoughts on “We’ve Crossed Over…

  1. t-ball is a riot. Kelly was running bases and decided that she had to go to the bathroom and just ran off the field from like 2nd base to the bathrooms. She would stand out in the field with her little lefty glove (I think it was red) and just look around. It was fun.

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