I am in a fog. My face hurts. My nose is burning even though I can breathe. But I feel like the area in the middle of my face has something stuck in it. My ears feel funny. My eyes are itchy. My throat is itchy. I’m itchy. Ahhh…yes, I’m in Missouri. This is what allergies feel like.


So I have nothing cool to say. But I do have something hilarious for you to watch. Because last night, I had a conversation with my spouse that thoroughly annoyed me, until I remembered this. Oh yeah….

and this one was just a good reminder…

Mark Gungor is so hilarious and his marriage conference “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” is excellent. Jeremy and I did the video series and it was very uplifting and encouraging. We love to laugh, and this guy is great at making people laugh about the truth.

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