Jeremy tell me a hilarious story about Cooper. I had gone to the movies with some girls from church (Go see “The Help”!) and he and the boys were having “guy time”. Jeremy was watching a special 60 minutes thing on Albert Pujols and the work he does in the shanty towns in the Dominican Republic.  Cooper was sitting next to him watching it too and had a few questions.

The Dominican Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world.

He asked why Pujols was doing those things for the people there. Jeremy told him, “well, because Pujols is a Christian and he wants to show people the love of Christ by helping them out”. Cooper thought a minute and looked at Jeremy, then asked, “What’s a Christian? Am I a Christian?”

Jeremy smiled and explained to him what it means to be a Christian. Cooper exclaimed, “I love Jesus and I believe in Him!”.  It was a precious moment I missed out on, but I was so glad to hear it occur.  It reminded me of working with Junior High students for several years as dating/engaged/newly weds. The kids would always think that they must have totally lost their faith if they messed up or forgot or just checked out with Jesus. I have a feeling Cooper is going to walk that path too.

I’m glad Jeremy was there last night to talk to Cooper about the love of Christ. Have your kids talked about faith lately?


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