Last night before bedtime, I was talking with the boys. Cooper was tired. Whenever he is tired, he gets very emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat. He began to make an observation to me about his week, and ended with a few tears. He said, “Mommy, since I started school, the days are just going by really, really fast.” His lip started to quiver a bit. I said, “do you miss how it was before you started school?”. He nodded his head and held back the tears. I smiled at him and reassured him that tomorrow was his last day of school for the week. I reminded him of the fun weekend we were going to have and tried to encourage him that he’ll get used to a busier schedule.

But my heart strings were pulled. I can’t tell how much to put into that. I feel everything so much and sometimes I hate that about myself (Ahem…like my rant yesterday? Hey…the article ticked me off..).

All my mommy friends told me that Cooper would be grouchy and tired the first week or so. Boy, were you girls right! I started putting him to bed at 7:30 pm since school started. He is asleep almost instantly each night. But the last 2 mornings he has complained that he is STILL tired.

I know it’s an adjustment so I’m going to wait it out and keep trying to protect his down time.

This week Cooper has made some friends at school. Juan is his friend that sits next to him at school.  Juan told Cooper that his Dad is from Mexico.  Dylan has been mentioned as his lunch time buddy and Cooper really likes his name. He said to me, “isn’t that a cool name?” when he first mentioned him. Apparently, a boy named Alex expressed to Cooper that he did not like his name. He told him that it was stupid. I was highly offended but hid my thoughts and asked him what he said to this boy. Cooper replied, “I just told him ‘no, it is not!’ and walked away”. He wasn’t even phased.

Cooper told me this morning that art class is dumb. I told him that was my favorite class in school. He said he likes gym and music class best. Can’t say I’m surprised there. I think the treasure chest is what he is the most excited about though. Each day the kids get behavior grades. Green is good, Yellow means you are on your way to trouble, and Red means to the principle! Cooper has been green all week, so he gets to pick something out of the treasure chest. I’m sure it’s all I will hear about today when I pick him up.

Well, Chase and I are off to play. The pool is calling our names!

P.S. We did interview Cooper and it’s hilarious…but it takes forever to get it off the video camera. I’ll work on it over the weekend and have it up next week.


2 thoughts on “First Week Thoughts on Kindergarten

  1. Yay Cooper! Pick a super cool prize from the treasure chest! Do they get to pick something every week? Wow! Tiff – I love how you’re the only one who reads our blog now. Everyone gets all the info from other people via facebook now I guess. But I love to get a comment from you. It makes me feel closer than we actually are. I miss you.

    1. Ah Abby! I just love that I get to watch you guys from afar. You are a great family and I treasure the vision God has for you guys. It’s fun to check in and see how things are going and rejoice with you guys. I miss you too! And I know you are not a phone person…tee he he he he he!

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