I’ve had a lot of time to think about today, Cooper’s first day of full-day kindergarten. I am pretty sure I’ve worked through it on the emotional side. Now all that is left are the logistics of things.

For the last few weeks, Cooper has responded to our inquiries regarding what he thinks of going to kindergarten with answers like, “cool,” “awesome,” and even the blank stare. But these past few days something else creeped up. He kept telling us he was nervous, that he was going to miss us, etc. Not nervous about school itself, just about being away from us for so long. On Friday night, he told me “Mom, I’m going to miss you the most”. Yup,….I melted.

Last night he was excited at dinner and then quiet the rest of the night. He was again saying he was nervous. At bedtime, after lights were out and I happened to walk by his room, I heard a soft ” Mooooommmmm”. I replied and he said, “I can’t sleep…I’m too nervous”. But he was out 2 minutes later.

This morning, Jeremy woke him up at 6:45 am. Cooper said, “I didn’t get very good sleep last night, leave me alone!” and pulled the covers back over his head. That’s highly unusual for him. But in another 30 seconds he was up, happy and eagerly bopping around the house.

He sat through a quick photo shoot…and then we were off.

Drop off was a breeze. I walked him down the hallway and he confidently walked into his classroom without so much as a goodbye. I welled up at that…pulled myself together and walked away excited for my son’s fun day ahead of him.

Tonight, I’m breaking out the video camera for an interview. I dunno if he’ll be silent and dull or super talkative. But I hope it’s the latter. I can’t wait to hear about his big day.

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Begins!

  1. I’m excited for your big guy! And I hope he’s super talkative too, because I love his little voice and expressions! Love you! I’ve been thinking about you today!

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