my buddy this morning

Hey Monday blog readers! As mentioned previously, I am living in the land of “the last week of summer vacay” for the soon-t0-be-kindergartener. He is downstairs loading his brain with PBS kids right now. I figure I’ll indulge him and cuddle his brains out all week this week. I am very surprised how emotional this thing has been. I’m not usually the one to get weepy over this sort of thing…(ahem…it’s the Man who does that). But I just find myself stunned by the big deal this is…school for the next what, 20 years of his life? Whoa…

In the mean time, I’ve got a pile-o-laundry sitting next to me waiting to go downstairs.


Chase is in his room happily playing trains. He is not wearing a shirt though. Apparently, this is his new “thing”. Every morning when we get dressed he tells me, “no shirt Mommy”. If we aren’t going anywhere, I usually let him win that one. You’ve gotta pick your battles. Cooper never likes to take his shirt off so it is particularly hilarious to me that Chase loves walking around without his. Boys…..

So far this morning I’ve spent an entire hour online researching fun school lunch ideas for Cooper. I’m already excited about the recipes I’ve found! I’ll post them over at She Cooks! here in a bit. Of my favorites are the Lunch-box Apple pies and the peanut butter and strawberry bars. Don’t they sound fun? I dunno what I think about the whole Bento Box phenomenon. I’m sorry but my child doesn’t do hummus, tomatoes, mayo or pickles and egg salad? Yeah right!

Batman Cape Lunch Box Bag Dual Compartment by Thermos Company
The "I can't believe I'm gonna buy this thing" lunch box

That reminds me…I need to order the boy’s lunchbox. He wants this one>>>>

I’ve tried to find it cheaper but I just waited too darn long. Booo! It’s hard to find Batman stuff. I’m glad I bought his backpack at Wal-Mart several weeks ago…the thing sold out quick! And what a steal for only $10.00.

Alrighty, I’ve gotta run. I only have a few more minutes before the baby wakes up. Oh but stay tuned for Wednesday’s post…I was crafty this weekend!


3 thoughts on “What’s Up Monday?

  1. I was an emotional basket case when Sloan went to kindergarten too. It’s like all of the sudden you’re faced witht he reality that life is speeding by way too fast and you are powerless to stop it. Kinda stinks.

    Bento boxes – I love the idea, but would never be able to pull it off with my kiddos. Can’t wait to hear your crafty story! Love ya!

  2. Tell Cooper I want that lunch box too! Very cool! I can’t believe it’s time for school already! We’ve only had sun for about one week now. Summer has just begun over here.

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