I’ve always loved my blog name. If you’ve never read the “why” under the “About” page, it is because I really feel like life is made up of those sorts of moments. There are peaceful, beautiful, tranquil and happy times that are like quiet gardens and then there are times where we are riding out the storm.

Our life right now feels like a really bad storm at sea. 20 foot swells, pelting rain, boat rockin’ like no tomorrow, stuff flying everywhere…it’s nuts. And the horizon isn’t exactly clearing.

I don’t want to get into it too much here, but the last 2 years of our life have been stressful to say the least. In fact I was reminded of a list I saw once about the Top 10 Causes of Stress and when I looked it up, we’ve hit at least 1/2 of those in just the last 2 years of our life. Constantly.

Whenever the storm rages particularly heavy, I find it really hard to blog. Hence today’s post. I don’t believe in airing dirty laundry online (because frankly, most people want to read happy and funny stuff, not sad and droopy stuff) and honestly, I retreat inward when things are rough. So the last thing I want to do is pretend that things are hunky-dory and write some fake blog post about my life that makes things look like things are great. Things aren’t great. And I do not have the personality that can hide that. My heart is exposed and on my sleeve…please don’t bump into me right now…

I think what I’m trying to say is friends, keep on praying for us. God has answered a huge prayer in our life by giving Jeremy a new job. We are so excited for the future. But the present isn’t exactly feeling like a gift these days.

We are holding onto Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, every single second of every day. Because we passed daily a while ago. I sing “I need thee every hour” with great passion these days. I feel the Lord is close. I know He hears us and I know He is not unaware of where we are at or how our hearts are feeling. He is a sun and shield about me, He is my rock, my firm foundation, my Redeemer and my rescuer. He will always be.

So if you see me and I’m quiet, if the blog seems weird, say a little prayer for us. Give me a hug and sing those psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to me. He is the lifter of my head and we’re just going to ride this storm out with Him because we know that He is the One who will calm the seas and quite the winds.

I’m ready to look  back and laugh at the hard times that I am confidant will one day be behind us.

2 thoughts on “That Raging Sea

  1. Tiffany, I’m catching up on the blogs today and saw this. Oh boy, my heart (which resides on my sleeve most of the time) goes out to you.

    There are different opinions about what people like to read. What you should and should not post. How much information you should and should not share. It’s a personal call, but another blogger I read wrote something very wise.

    She was writing about how lots of people try to do the fake funny thing and not show too much ugly real. She wrote how ironic it is they don’t realize the best writing has an edge of vulnerability. Most people can see right through the fake funny anyway.

    This blogger isn’t a Christian, but what if she was? Is our walk all quiet gardens? Or mostly raging seas? Do we put on a good face or do we tell the truth? I’m not saying to air all the dirty laundry, but can we let our guard down a bit and trust our readers to come near and listen?

    Your post was a great balance of vulnerability while respecting your own family’s dignity and privacy. Don’t bash yourself for it. I’m willing to bet it will resonate with someone out there, whether they admit it or not. In fact, it already did.

    1. Thanks Aimee. I agree and I think that in my experience, it is not often that you see bloggers openly admitting that their life isn’t perfect or that things are hard. But when I look back, I want to know that there was a rough patch and God brought us through it. I think my bashing of myself was more to say, I know it’s hard to read the “unhappy” stuff, but it’s REAL life. Life isn’t always happy. Thanks so much for your comment. It was really encouraging to my heart. I’m looking forward to following this up with some of the good stuff God has done in the midst of that Raging Sea.

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