This past fall I remember taking a Facebook Quiz that was very telling. It looked through the past 6 months or maybe even one whole year of FB status updates (yours) and told you what your top 5 recurring words were. Can you guess what the number one word was in my FB status?


Apparently, I like that word. If you had to sum me up, I can only hope that “fun” would be one of the words you’d use to describe me. I mean, that’s how I describe me!

So, imagine what went through my heart as I saw these little guys at Target when I was shopping for cutesie napkins for my SIL’s baby shower we had last weekend:

Love it!

I loved them so much and HAD to have them. However, I don’t want to use them, I want to craft them! I am going to find a really cute frame with a giant matte and frame one of these puppies…or maybe the whole pack, I haven’t decided.

This may seem silly, but I have a reason for it. Despite the fact that “fun” is my favorite adjective/noun, Jeremy and I are not very celebratory for specific events. I think that in general we have a spirit of fun and celebration all the time, so for us, it can be hard to take it up a notch. I mean, what’s more fun than everyday fun?

The point is that we have committed to “taking it up a notch” in our lives. We want to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and make them the big deal that they are in this life. We also want to make an effort to go on “real” family vacations and build happy memories together. We might not always be able to throw a lot of cash at those things, but we are still committed to doing “fun” in our house and taking it up a notch.

Hi. We are the Nevil’s and, We Do Fun Here!

P.S. I was telling Jeremy about these napkins in the car one day last week and when I was finished telling him about my craft idea Cooper piped up from the back seat and said, “Mom, wouldn’t it be fun if we had napkins that said ‘We don’t say potty words here’ because we don’t in our house?” Jeremy and I were cracking up….


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