Well…the big news is that Jeremy got a new job! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!

We have prayed and prayed about this opportunity for him. It has been about a 3-week-long process, but somehow it feels much longer than that. (Maybe because he’s been thinking about a new job for a few years now?) He’ll be working downtown in St. Louis for a company called Abstrakt Marketing Group as a Sales Exective. It’s still a commissionable position, but the hours are 8-5, M-F! HALLELUJAH! I get to go to church with my husband! How crazy!

This position is going to be a challenge and prayerfully, a joy for Jeremy. The kids are so excited that soon they won’t have to ask Jeremy when they’ll see him next. For those of you who joined with us to pray diligently about this opportunity, thank you so much. Your care for us is such a blessing!

This week Jeremy is additionally starting full-time college to finish his bachelor’s degree. Life is crazy in the Nevil household! But this job will be a great help to his school schedule and to our family time together. Thank you Jesus for your love and concern for your people!


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