Kindergarten is quickly approaching for our budding soon-to-be 6-year-old. As the summer ticks by, I am soaking up each lunch time with my precious, first-born son. I love this kiddo so much. He has blossomed into the sweetest young man. I don’t just love him because he is my son, I genuinely like him. I enjoy seeing him become his own little person. What a joy to discover this child each day!

My big-helper and almost six-year-old!

This past week, I was sort of basking in his sweetness at lunch time. We were talking about his up-coming birthday and trying to nail down some plans. I grabbed a pen and some paper and asked him to tell me what he would like for his birthday. He beemed with pride as he named his little heart’s desires. Here is his list, verbatim:

  • those 4-wheeler roller skates
  • 2 wheeler scooter with brakes on the back like Tommy has
  • slip-n-slide with timer
  • Imaginext plane
  • Cars 2 movie
  • Toy Story 3 movie
  • Chocolate Cheerios cereal
  • 1-2-3 Let it rip thing like Sloan has *here he tells me “And one also for Chase so we can play together”. He then leans forward, covers his mouth and whispers loudly to Chase (as if I can’t hear him) “I got one for you too ok little buddy?”
  • Tornado watcher thingie like Sloan has
  • Nintendo DS with Dinosaur and Mario Cart games like Nick has
  • New watch for school
  • New back pack for school; blue with batman
  • New pencil sharpener
  • Batman lunchbox
  • Giant Buzz Lightyear guy with a helmet that opens like this {and he demonstrates}

“and that’s it!” he says.  He was so satisfied with himself after this list. The look on his face was priceless.  But my favorite part of all of it was that he desired to include his brother in the joy he knew he would be experiencing. I just love it!

P.S. The scooter has been purchased already…everything else is up for grabs family members!


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