My brain is mush right now. I’ve got nothing fun to say. Except that Young House Love painted their dining room my most favorite color….mmmmmmm. It’s super close to the color of my dining room, but I think there’s is more yellow. Whatever it is, I like.

Jeremy and I have been praying about something we are pretty excited about. But I can’t share just yet. (Killer, huh?) Probably on Monday I’ll spill my guts.

Until then, my heart is missing WA this weekend. 4th of July was always spent at the Johnson’s house. It was never a question of what we would do that day. All our friend’s were certain to be there too, so we didn’t even feel pulled to do anything else. Amber and Peter, my fingers will miss being burned by the annual sparkler picture. I might feel a little better if you cry to me about how much you miss my chocolate cake…

In addition to that, there’s just something special about celebrating the 4th of July on a military base. My recent visit from the Henderson family has me missing that life a bit. There is a sense of togetherness and community that is very unique to that life. I miss the feeling of knowing that everyone else is in the same boat I am and will go through the same things I’ll go through. Life isn’t all that much different and I’m reminding myself of that.

See how sappy I am today? Sheesh! I’m going to go drown my sorrows on Pinterest. There are happy greenellow rooms to swoon over out there…


One thought on “Putting it Off, Missing What Was

  1. It’s ok to be sad and miss those things that you’ve truely cherished for years. I hope you have a great 4th and are able to get out and do something fun. Does the airforce base nearby do anything? I’m thinking next year you guys come down here and then we head to the beach. They aren’t doing anything on the 4th persay, but on the 2nd…kinda different huh?! My heart breaks for you and I pray you find peace and comfort Tiff during this strange/changing time! We love ya!

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