Mmm..sing it with me Go-Go fans,

“….vacation, happy to get away!”

I’m dreaming of vacation today. In fact, I’m not just dreaming about it, I’m scheming about it. I actually loathe spending large amounts of money. (Just to be clear, when I say large amounts of money, I define “large” as anything above $500.00. That’s just where we live people.) But my extreme love for traveling and the beach can often override my fear and loathing of spending large amounts of money. It’s just always worth it…

Our friends Rande and Stephanie are currently traversing the country to move from WA state to GA. Whoa, right? The Hendo’s (as we lovingly refer to them) are moving there on orders from the Army. We met them when we first moved to Ft. Lewis and have been friends since. Rande is going to be a Ranger Instructor! Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, she was talking recently on her blog about the possibility of them getting to GA and then moving AGAIN in 4-6 months to Navarre, Florida. She’s trying to be flexible but is worried about her sweet kiddos with all those transitions.

All I heard was “beach”.

😀 Love you Steph!

Anyway, she had a picture of the place they might get stationed at in Florida (in 4-6 months) on her blog:

See why all I heard was "beach"?

And that was about all it took for me to start researching where this place is in comparison to my front door. It’s only 13 hours straight south…hmmmm…throw some bikes on the back of the Pathfinder, load up the car with vacation music, sunscreen, beach towels and swim suits and head south!

Then I went to my favorite website for all things vacation rental, and started looking at prices, reviews, etc. You know, just to torture myself a little more.

House is on a private beach between the Gulf of Mexico and intracoastal waterway
yes, please

I was sold pretty quickly. Click here to read more about that place…

To top it all off, my old boss (way back in my Citi-Mortgage days!) told me on FB that his family has vacay’d there and it’s heavenly! AHHHHHHH! I can hear the waves breaking on the beach now if I close my eyes. I’m totally sure there are oceans in heaven.

So all we need now is money and some time off.

That’s no big deal….right?

This is where I mention that today Jeremy has a 2nd interview for a sales job at an advertising/marketing company. We are praying, praying, praying. Because this job would give us money and time off.


P.S. This post sounds shallow, so we’ll call it a guilty pleasure/plea for prayer post…he he he he he he

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