I’m loving my “quiet room” in the new house. I’ve deemed it “the den” officially. This is the grey and yellow room (that is sans television) I talk about so often in various media circles.

The room is off to a great start. I’m loving the furniture I’ve found. There’s the off-white couch and the little too off-white (more like dark cream) chair that I want to make/buy a slip cover for.

Thank you for my beautiful love seat Craigslist.
See how the color of the chair compares to the love seat? Too yellow-y

Oh and notice the color difference in the lighting in the two pictures? I can’t believe how spending $50.00 in daylight light bulbs changed the ENTIRE look of this room…

Anyway, what I am really considering doing in this room is the whole point of this post. I’m super nervous about this decision because, um, once I do it, that’s it. There’s no taking it back. The area I’m thinking of changing is the hearth/fireplace/mantel.

Ho Hum...

I think I want to paint the brick white. Not the mantel, just the brick. I think…

There…I said it! I love what YoungHouseLove has been doing to fireplaces in the last few homes they’ve lived in or fixed up. (WordPress is being incredibly annoying. As I type this the link function is down. So go to my blogroll on the right, and click on YoungHouseLove to see what I mean. For a view of their Fireplace Projects, click on their “Fireplace Happenings” post.)

I’m also considering a white stencil on the wall above the mantel. Check out this fun site I found called Royal Design Studio (curses to the non-linking! ARGH…go to http://www.royaldesignstudio.com). They sell really chic wall stencils. (They have cheesy 1989-called-and-they-want-their-ivy-stencil-back ones too…but you have to dig a bit to find those.) I’m thinking of something with interlocking lines/circles/squares. No flowers…

I must confess that I am tempted to paint ALL the woodwork in this room white. But everyone says it would be a travesty to cover up something so pretty and they remind me that you can’t undo something like that. But it would be sooooo bright and cheery!

I can’t undo the fireplace either if I paint it white, but I think covering up the red brick and doing something more fun on top of the mantel would really help out.

Thoughts? Would it look dumb with white brick and the wood mantel? Should I paint all of it white? Notice, the ceiling, the mantel and (it’s not in the picture) the built in book shelf wall unit all match.


5 thoughts on “Because You Can’t Take it Back!

    1. Thanks Nikki! I’ve been looking at pictures online all day and I think I could swing not painting the mantel. I guess I could always paint it later if I change my mind. Baby steps….

  1. I don’t have a problem with painting brick. If you TOTALLY hate it, you can always tile or put stone over it.

    I’d leave the mantle for a bit after doing the brick to see what you think!

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