If you saw my posts yesterday on FB, you know I’ve been enjoying the bounty of Craigslist ever since we moved into our new house. I love Craigslist. I think it was a very smart idea and I know I’m not alone in this perspective! It’s not perfect, as most things in this world though…

Soap box confessions of a cheap skate...

My soap box is with people that put stuff on there for ridiculous prices. I’m sure they learn their lesson when NO ONE buys their stuff, but I’m just saying. Craigslist is glorified garage sale shopping peeps. In fact, it’s like garage sale shopping from the comfort of your home.

If you want to sell something, you can’t put some giant price tag on your item. Price is what sells stuff on Craigslist peeps. I mean, if I could buy it new with the same amount of money you want for it, then guess what? I wouldn’t be looking on Craigslist.

That’s all. 😀


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