We have a teeny-tiny master bathroom here in our new digs. I’m talking almost as small as the “airplane bathroom” in the Idaho house in WA…except, somehow this one has a shower.

It’s hard to take pictures of this tiny space because you can’t get back or up far enough to really see how small it is.

Teeny Tiny Bathroom

It’s no big deal that it is small. I’m just thrilled to have a bathroom in my bedroom after 4 years of all of us sharing ONE bathroom! But, in this teeny-tiny bathroom, there is a mysterious space that I cannot figure 1) what was there previously or 2) what we should do with it in the future. That’s what I want your help with, fellow blog readers.

Check out this weird space:

Bottom of the weird space
Top of the weird space

Ok, this is a wooden indentation in the bathroom wall between the shower and the entrance door. It’s is only about 2 inches deep and about 1 foot wide. We have no idea what was there previously, but it looks like SOMETHING was there.

I suppose we could take it out eventually and fill it in….but I was hoping that maybe my fabulous readers would have a brilliant suggestion for this space.

If you do think of something we could do, would you post your idea as a comment?  I’m depending on you guys!


3 thoughts on “Idea SOS!

  1. Maybe it leads to a secret room! Tear it down!!! Let’s see! Otherwise I say paint it, put shelves in it and use it for pictures, candles and cutie bath things. But not pictures of people. Pictures of people in a bathroom always make me think someone is looking at me peeing.

  2. It only leads to my bedroom. A secret passageway would be MUCH more exciting. I suppose I could put a door knob on there just to mess with anyone who ever uses that bathroom….

    I like the shelves idea. Maybe I should go with an ocean landscape….hmmmmmmm

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