Today is a beautiful beginning-of-summer day in St. Louis! I don’t have any one stream of thought to discuss though. Monday bullet points are in order!

  • Jeremy found an AWESOME accelerated bachelors program through a local university (Lindenwood) that would enable him to finish school with a bachelor’s degree in 3 and 1/2 years, going to school one night a week every week. He is going to pursue Human Resources Management and we are both so EXCITED! AH! Classes start in July (yes, THIS July) and he is scrambling to try and get in. Pray for him!
  • We’ve been making friends with the neighbors in our new home and it’s been pretty fun to get to know everyone. However, the Dad of Cooper’s new little buddy, Tommy is wigging me out a bit. Last night I was making dinner in the kitchen. Our friend’s Amy and Andrew were over with their kids and we were all talking and cooking/playing. All the sudden, my back sliding glass door opens and my neighbor pokes his head in my house yelling “is Tommy here?!”.  What in the world? He came in the gate to my back yard, walked around and just walked into my house? And he didn’t knock or anything? I can understand if you are looking for your child and you’ve tried the other acceptable entrances first, like say, the front door?But come on! How do I handle this really rude intrusion? Besides locking every door in my house at ALL times! SHEESH! FREAKY! I mean really? No knock?
  • I have a new blog post up at She Cooks! today discussing “From Scratch” cooking. Try it, you’ll like it!
  • On a sad note, a friend of ours, Pastor Richard Schumacher, lost his battle with cancer late Saturday night. My heart is so sad for this family’s loss. Richard was a bright reflection of Jesus and a joy to be around. He was full of faith and optimism. Death is so real and so permanent and lately, with all the sickness and death I am experiencing in friends and family members, my heart is just heavy. I hate you Sin. I hate you Death. I am so grateful that Jesus conquered you and kicked you to the curb. I am so thankful that my merciful Savior promises us life everlasting, a life without sickness or sorrow or death or pain if we believe and follow Him. How can you say no to such a promise when such sorrow surrounds us in this life? Live your life like no other today so that you can live a life like no other for eternity. Thank you Jesus for Richard, for Uncle Lloyd and Uncle Sonny.
That’s about all I’ve got right now. I need to run because the day is already escaping me and the boys.  Happy Monday!

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