Today was supposed to be another on-again/off-again stormy day. I have been meaning to take the boys (and myself!) to the local library to get cards and a lovely stash of books to keep us busy. Cooper is reading and I was so exicted to get him some of those early reader books to help boost his confidence in reading.

Before going into the library I remind my children what we discussed the night before about the rules of the library. It has been quite a while since we’ve been and they needed a bit of a refresher.  Quiet voices, no running, general calmness and nice manners, etc. You know, the whole speech…

We go inside and get our new library cards (one for each of us just to make it extra fun) and then we move to the children’s section. The boys had a blast playing quietly with the toys and picking out books. They were so great! A few times I had to remind them to use their quiet voices even though I knew they were really excited about all these great books we were getting. We packed our things and Mommy headed over to her side of the library to quickly grab a couple books.

I found my treasures (travel books for researching next year’s big 10-year anniversary celebration vacation!) and we stood in the check out line. By now, my boys are so excited they can hardly stand it. But they are playing it cool and just softly telling me which books they can’t wait to read first when we get home.

The gal checking the books out mentions something to me (a.k.a. my attention is momentarily pulled from my wiggling kiddos) and as I listen I pass a small bag of books to Chase. He didn’t scream or even shout, he just used a normal kind of voice to say “Oh, heavy”.  A lady next to me in line laughs at his cuteness and smiles in a genuinly sweet way at the boys and then I hear it, “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Some older man is shushing my child VERY dramatically and sort of spitting as he does it. He GLARES at me and then shakes his head in disgust.

My boys are doing nothing wrong. They are standing there, patiently waiting for me and my two-year old makes one comment in a non-whispered tone about his bag being heavy and that constitutes a dramatic shushing? Really?

So I look at this man and say to him, “Excuse me? They need to learn somehow.” And I make sure he knows I am talking to him. He looks at me with the same look of total disgust and dramatically annunciates, “Well you have to TEACH them”. I looked at him with my boldest Mommy face, eyebrows highly raise, gave a little oh-no-you-didn’t head bob and said back to him “I DID teach them, he is TWO”.

At this point, I think he realized that I’m about two seconds from walking over to him (I stepped a bit forward as I said this) and punching him in the nose if he continues to challenge and judge my parenting all because my little two year old commented that his books were heavy. He backed down, (good choice buddy) and I continued on my merry little way with my children.

Now, I did remind my children that at the library we need to keep our voices in check the ENTIRE time we are there. But I also commended them on what a good job they did.

How in the world will we teach a love for books, reading and learning if we don’t let our kids try? The library is a place you have to be taught to love and taught to respect.

The guy continued to be rude to the poor lady at the check out counter. All the other people smiled nicely at me in line and looked at me like “you go girl”.  I can tell you I was highly tempted to take the issue further. My blood was boiling. But I checked myself, reminded myself that Jesus and my children are watching me and decided that I had said enough. I then patted myself on the back for having the guts to say ANYTHING to this rude guy.

It did however, remind me that my superpower would be lasers coming out of my eyes…Ahem…


6 thoughts on “Adventures at the Local Library

  1. Tiffany, I LOVE this post! What a terrific story. You go, mama bear. And I love that you love the library and want to pass that on to your boys. It is one of my most favorite places in the world too and one really good thing I can give to my son.
    PS: If you ever need reinforcements, I got your back!

  2. Good for you! I almost took a lady out at the airport yesterday. Tia and Landon were sitting on the edge of the baggage carousel as it spun. They were behaving. They weren’t climbing on it, or jumping around like hooligans. They were gently touching all the bags as they went by, laughing and giggling. A lady walked up to the woman next to me, who’s daughter was doing the same thing and told her to get her kids off the carousel before they got hurt. They lady shook her head and said, “Those two kids aren’t mine.” So she turns to me and tells me to pay closer attention to my children. I asked her to mind her own business. Four hours of travelling alone with children made me a little less loving in my reply. I also let the kids go on doing what they were doing, because they were being good.

    The lady walked away red faced and didn’t come back. Score one for Mommy. We have to stand up for our kiddos sometimes, right?!

    1. Ugh…girl, I’m convinced that traveling with toddlers alone as a female makes you a direct target for passersby. I can’t tell you how many people made rude comments to me while I was going back and forth from here to Seattle when Jeremy was in Afghanistan. It made me furious! Way to go sticking up for you and your kids! It took a lot of comments for me to finally find my voice!

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