My eldest son’s birthday is in July. Last year, when he turned 5, the hubs and I had a big decision to make: Do we put him in Kindergarten or do another year of preschool?

The 5 year old snorkel master!

His teacher from preschool assured me that he could handle Kindergarten and I didn’t really question that issue. (He is one smart cookie!) My concerns were more like: he’ll be a 17 year old senior, he’ll always be youngest in his class, he’ll be last to get his driver’s license (with his peers anyway) and we knew we would be moving in the middle of the school year. Not to mention that he is a bit of a clown and can have trouble focusing at times.

This is my most favorite picture of him!

With those thoughts in mind, we made the decision to hold him back and wait until he was 6 to start Kindergarten. By grade, he’s a bit ahead of his peers academically, but by age, he’s on track and doing well.

Fast forward to this year. We’ve moved back to St. Louis and it was time to enroll Cooper in Kindergarten. I did all the paper work and got it set up and began receiving some mail about it. At first, I saw the “requirements” for Kindergarten and my heart sank. They were pathetic! I was instantly afraid he would be bored out of his mind. I started to doubt our decision to hold him back. But I reminded myself of all the reasons we established previously to hold him back and I decided to wait until Kindergarten Orientation to really be afraid…

Cooper and Jeremy at Kindergarten Orientation

This past Tuesday, Kindergarten Orientation night finally arrived and my heart is officially at peace! HURRAY! My whoas were silenced. I felt peace about the decision and as if this will be indeed the best thing for my big man. He is a whopping head taller than almost all the kids in class though….

The curriculum looks excellent and it seems like each day will be jam-packed full of activities. Here’s a peak at his daily schedule this fall:

  • morning work/student arrival
  • calendar/shared reading
  • writer’s workshop
  • math
  • recess
  • lunch
  • quiet time
  • handwriting
  • literacy centers/workstations
  • snack/read aloud
  • specials/recess
  • counselor/library/computer lab
  • dismissal

I was so excited listening to all the things the faculty described he will be doing in the Literacy Centers/Workstations, I was thrilled to hear that recess will be BEFORE lunch (my child will choose play over food for all eternity), and I’m thrilled to know that music will be a part of his week. It was almost too much for my heart to handle. Jeremy and our friend’s the McGills (whose daughter and friend of Cooper will be in Kindergarten also!) thought I was very silly. I am simply so happy for Cooper.

I know he’s going to LOVE school and I am so happy to see all the ways he is going to grow and change. I’m so proud of him! HURRAY!


One thought on “Kindergarten Whoas Silenced!

  1. His Dad was older too, since we moved to CA and didn’t start him right when we moved. I think it worked for him….even if I do say so myself!!!!

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