Somewhere on RealSimple‘s website lately, I saw a GREAT inexpensive and creative home decorating idea for DIY wall art. I tried to go back and find it so I could perfectly link it for you guys…but I can’t find it now! Just take my word on it, k?

Their idea was to purchase a canvas, batting and graphic fabric and then to stretch and staple it around the canvas to create wall art that is unique to your decor. I loved the idea so much for my grey and yellow room (the den/quiet room) that I did it this weekend. It turned out wonderful so I had to document it!

Check it out!

My Weekend Project

Here’s a little photo gallery of how I did it:

I’m thrilled with the end result. Here’s a few updated shots of the room:

Sorry for the lighting, it's been dark and rainy all day!
Got that little chair off Craigslist too! And there's the little table my mom gave me.
I love this love seat!

The curtains (grey and white) are next on the list to help progress the room. I’m thinking I need one more splash of yellow in the shape of a lamp on that table too. I toyed with the idea of painting the table yellow (well, the lower half not the glass top), but I think that’s a bit too modern.

This was  a really fun project and the entire thing cost me a whopping $35.00. Not even kidding! I am thinking this may have to be something I do again and again…!


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