Alrighty peeps, I’m in need of some creative Mommy and Daddy strategizing here.

Cast: We have two children; an almost 6 year old and a 2 year old. Daddy is at work. Mommy is home.

Ding! Let's Box!

Scene: Playtime has ensued. I’m (Mommy)trying to fix my hair when I hear the following go down in the amount of time it takes for me to walk from my room to their rooms: The two year old is in the almost six year old’s room and begins screaming at him in unintelligible gibberish. The six year old says something to the two year old, crying ensues from the six year old who just got smacked by the two year old. Enter Mommy.

End Scene: Unable to distinguish (or really care) who started it or why, I quietly pick up the two year old and place him in his bedroom stating, “you are in time out in your room for being unable to be kind to your brother” and I shut the door. I go back into the six year old’s room and state, “you are also in time out for being unable to be a peacemaker and get along with your little brother” and I shut the door.

Now, I witness the repeat of this scene on a daily basis. I know I am not alone in this drama of daily life because whenever I whine pleasantly discuss this with my Mommy friends, I receive responses like “preach it girl”, “amen” and “oh don’t I know it”.

However, I’m fed up with my own response. I’ve read tons of parenting books and clearly I could use a refresh. I have a few ideas I’ve received from said books and other parents (both young and old) that I really like. The whole make them hold hands for some long amount of time is nice. Make them look at each other and smile, etc. But the little one is much harder to control at this point. In one year I’ll be all over this. In the mean time, I need another tool in my tool box.




P.S. In my Mommy opinion, both are to blame in this scenario. The end result was that after a time out in their rooms alone, I made them come back together, ask one another for forgiveness, hug it out, and try again to play and get along. Then we talk about how we can do better next time. Oiy….the fighting…


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