A big part of any move across the country that involves a new house, new job, new car etc. comes with a lot of administrative “stuff”. Last week we finally ironed things out medically with record swapping and the like for the kids pediatrician. I got my main man, Dr. McKinney back! AH!

For those who have not heard me sing this man’s praises, swoon and perhaps even break into tears over my love for this man and his whole practice, then uh, I love him. He is a giant African American man with great big hands and the softest and most kind voice. He has a smile that lights up a room and if I could just hug him every time I saw him, I probably would.

Why do I love him? Because he clearly loves his job. He has fun with it and you can tell. When he asks me how things are going, he genuinely wants to know. He remembers me and my family and the fact that we left 4 years ago for WA. He asks how the move back has been and is serious about the question. He has a gentle approach to the boys and is silly with them. I love this man!

He has his own nurse, Nurse Camille. She is also fabulous. She’s funny and messes around with the kids. She’s lightning fast with the shots too. Hey people that go to this practice, do you think Nurse Camille kinda looks like Megan Mullally? Maybe her voice just reminds me of her…I dunno.

I digress…

Anywho…I was saying that I heart Dr. McKinney. We got all scheduled for a well child visit for Chase and went in on Tuesday morning this week. We did a special Mommy-and-Chase visit while big brother stayed home with Dad playing video games.  I didn’t have any special concerns to mention to Dr. M. I just figured he needed a few immunizations and the general check up.

While Dr. M was checking out my little man, he paused for a long time listening to his heart. Then he told me that he heard a heart murmur! I was shocked. He went on to tell me he didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about. He just wanted to mention it to me and let me know it would be something we’d keep our eye on as he grows. He told me some children grow out of them and some don’t. If it gets louder/stronger, in subsequent visits they’ll check it out. But for now, no biggie.

He didn’t feel like any special future visits needed to be made unless there was a problem. So in the mean time, we’re not too worried about it. I just wanted to remember to document it here so that if anything comes up later, I’ll remember!

I felt good knowing that this information was coming from a doctor who I know and trust (AND LOVE). I don’t think Dr. M would steer me wrong.  I did do a scooch of research on line and it sounds like exactly what the doc said.

So for now, we are breathing a sigh of relief, we are thrilled to be with the best doctor in the whole wide world, and happy Mr. Chase is doing well.


5 thoughts on “A Surprising Well Child Visit

  1. Oh, we love him, too! I’m so glad we switched. At Bennett’s 6-yr well-child, we found out that he’s an Illini fan, which endeared him even more to our family 🙂

    And at that same visit, he detected a heart murmur in B. We have a couple of reasons to be a bit concerned outside of him just hearing the murmur (specifically, he is always the first to tire at the zoo, museums, etc, and he often looks almost sick he’s so worn out after playing hard). So, on Monday, he’s getting an echocardiogram. If it had been either of the other two boys, I wouldn’t have had any concerns based on other behaviors (which sounds like it’s the case with Chase, too, which is great!). And I’m sure it’s nothing, but better safe than sorry.

    All that to say – yay Dr. M! Glad that you have him back.

    1. YAY! I’m so glad you switched too! That’s crazy that B has a murmur too. I guess Dr. M. has a great ear for this. I hope you get the results back quick and everything is ok. I’m glad that he caught this early in Chase because I think it’ll just help me watch him a little closer.
      The question is, do you think Camille looks like M.M.?…..Am I crazy?

  2. I heart Dr M too! We switched to him when Will was 1, and I was a little concerned because he had a genuine fear of people with afros, regardless of their skin color. But Dr. M very patiently won him over, and now all of our boys love him. And Camille is the best (Dan makes fun of me for how much I rave about her). And you’re right about the similarity!

    1. Jamie, I didn’t know you guys went to Dr. M too! How great! I’m pretty sure everyone of my friends takes their kids there. Too hilarious. He’s just so stinking amazing….

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